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Fightme.com – Social Video Network to Show your Talent

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Everyone has hidden talent….. we just need to recognize it. Many people born with special talent, however some financial problems and being unaware about their skill stop them to show talent in front of the world. Internet technology makes everything possible just with a click of mouse…and now it becomes helpful to those who have talent and want to share their talent across the world. One can share their talent online through social video network “fightme.com”, which welcomes users to showcase their talent, give voice opinions and get recognized. Now, talented person don’t need to wonder any other place or to visit other person to promote their talent, they just need to visit figthme and share their talent through video.

Fightme.com - Social Video Network to Show your Talent

Fightme.com is an online place which is founded in 2011 by Jamie Lorenz to showcase new talent in front of the world. It is the first competitive based social video network, where you can create maximum 30 seconds unedited raw video about whatever you want. It is available in application too, so users can create, engage, upload and interact with the community through their mobile phone. Social video network doesn’t share any public sounds, but humankind talent to the world.

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The user interface of the site is very simple and user-friendly….you just need simple registration in which you have to enter your email ID. As soon as you enter your email ID, they will send you private invitation code at your email address. Once you get your invitation code, you will get another link “beta.fightme.com”. After that, open the link and hit record button to create video for your talent.

The recording process is very simple…you have 30 seconds to explain your talent. If you want to show your talent effectively then you first have to be well prepared because 30 seconds is very low to explain anything, so preparation becomes really helpful to you. Through video, you can also give some best opinions about any thing. Keep your eyes open for the TRENDS section, as here you can view the latest trending videos.


  • Show talent through video
  • Get option about anything
  • Create up to 30 seconds video to explain your talent
  • Best place to get recognition


  • Must need invitation code to enjoy the features of the site
  • 30 second is very low to present talent 

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Monthly unique visitors of Fightme.com

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