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EatWithMe.net – A New Social Network to make Friends While Eating

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Use new trend to make friends at social networking site. Now people can make friends while eating at new social network EatWithMe.net. Meet new people in your area by arranging and attending eat events and sharing food and eating together.

EatWithMe.net - A New Social Network to make Friends While Eating

EatWithMe.net has been started in October 2010. It is founded by Jaanus Trop, Thomas Vaht, Bethany Jones and Liisa Vurma. It is a simple site that allows you to do something completely extra like arranging lunch with others. With the help of the site, you can either host your own event and invite new friends along or attend an event, based on different styles of cooking and delicious foods.

How it works?

Registration must be necessary to start the use of EatWithMe.net. First of all do sign up with your name, email address, password, etc. Once you registered, you will be able to use the offered interface to set up all things like name the eat event, describe it, and promote it. You can also search event by entering location, city, event host, event type and diet.

Invite your friends by entering their email address to join your cooking related event. You can find your relatives and friends from search section. Find recently connected user and event in the recently added users and event from your home page. Joining with EatWithMe.net, if you attended and hosted any eat event, then you will get that info in your profile page. Members fix their own events to host everything like outdoor picnics to pot-luck dinners, bread-making workshops and restaurant visits.

To create your event, you need to add details for your event like event name, location, time, and date. During creating event, you are able to see the event type, date and city and country of event. If you accepted someone as a guest, then they will be able to see event details.

You can use this site by two ways; create an event, invite people and search event & send request to join it and enjoy good food and make new friends. Users of the site also add their own recipes from appetizers to deserts.


  • Make friends while eating
  • Create and search eat event
  • Invites friends or people to share delicious food with them
  • Easily find current added users and event


  • Little difficult compared to other social networking sites
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  1. Poiss says:

    I’m pretty excited about this idea. eatwithme.net is like a creative space for fashioning your own pop-up shop, cooking class or supper club, except the possibilities are endless.

    This genius little project is already gaining popularity across the globe and is sure to gain raucous support with foodies the world over.

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