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CafeMom.com – Mother’s Social Networking for Baby Parenting

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Moms can make community on CafeMom to get advice and supports on every topic such as health, pregnancy, food, fashion, entertainment, and more. They can share their interest, passions, challenges and local geography on the CafeMom.com. It is one of the easiest ways to find mother related information.

CafeMom.com - Mother's Social Networking for Baby Parenting

CafeMom.com is the creation of Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez, who founded it in 2006. It is ad-supported social networking site, created specially for mothers and mothers to be. Every day thousands of moms come together on the site to chat, share photos and make friends. The most popular groups of the sites are pregnancy, raising boys, photo moms, recipe swap, and marriage and relationships. From 2010, it is providing high quality editorial across topics collected from toddlers to love & sex to beauty & fashion. Moms can also get information about celebrity gossip, current events, home decorating and parenting dilemmas. 

How it works?

Registration must be compulsory to communicate with other moms and members of the site to share your ideas and get advice. For the registration, you need to add first name, email address, password, your kid’s information and your interested topics that you want to discuss with others. After completing registration, join groups as per your interest, your location, age of your kids, your age and much more. You can also ask a question about parenting, relationships, and more in Answers section that allows other moms to give advice and answer about your question, enjoy good-natured photo contest in Showdowns. You can also search moms and make friends. To make friendship with other moms, send invitations to her. Once she accepts your invitations, you will be able to see any posts or photos she has marked as friends only.

Moms can also find baby names by using many ways like by letter or gender. You can create pregnancy tickers, 1st birthday tickers and child’s birthday ticker to add it into your online signatures, MySpace, Facebook, or any other website. You can upload your own baby playing videos. To upload videos you just need to select it from computer and finish the process. Moms can also read most popular journals and recent journals as well as see popular photos without registration on the site. You can get lots of enjoyment by playing a game.


  • Get advice and share knowledge about mother’s related questions
  • Join with thousands of group on each topics
  • Ask your questions and get answers directly from other moms
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