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Breezesocial.com – Run Your Business via Connecting to Various Social Networks

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Nowadays, business competition becomes very strong and every organization tries to find a new way to run their business and familiarize their products among the consumers. Social networks are the latest way for such a purpose in today’s era but many of us didn’t know how and where it becomes possible. Breezesocial.com is right place which provides great platform to run your business via connecting the various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This social media marketing tool lets the users to activate social networking accounts at one place and change the status in social networks in one minute.

Breezesocial.com – Run Your Business via Connecting to Various Social Networks

Breezesocial.com has been created by members of BlueTie’s senior executive team in March 2011 with aim to help small and midsized businesses. SMB’s can engage, interact and measure their business position by making comparison with others to get connected with different social networks.

How it works?

Users have to do registration at www.breezesocial.com to take various benefits of it. Registered member can sign in and connect the social networks such as LinkedIn Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Now, you are able to put your message on social media. However, different social networks have different requirement of message characters and other factors but you don’t worry as Breeze Social formats your message and make it eligible to put on various networks.

You can see what is said ‘to you’ or ‘about you’ as social web marketing is the two way active conversation. Breeze Social lets the users to give quick reply to contribute on particular conversation in ten mintues. You are also able to watch Breeze Social Score about your positive results of your activates on social web. Users can use Breeze Social at free of cost for 30 days and they can also cancel it after 30 days if they are not satisfied.


  • You can use creative posting suggestion from Breeze Social to post your message.
  • Filtering and formatting process is done by the site.
  • Management of all future social media activity is possible.
  • Comparison and measurement of business is very easy.
  • Directly follow Tumbir, Twitter or Facebook by just one click.
  • Quick communication with consumers.
  • Save the users time.
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