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Artia.com – Project management tool with social network aspect

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A while back, project management was signified by three things earlier – a pencil, a sheet and a methodology. Afterward, spreadsheets and shoeboxes took the place of pencils, foolscaps and good old brain power when people began to realize that spreadsheets could essentially give them a better way of doing things. But with the development of technology, businesses now use project management software to complete a project on time. It becomes helpful to both small and large businesses, who undoubtedly juggle a number of tasks.

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Managing a business is not an easy task, and even keeping track of everything is hard part of owning a business…..but project management software makes it easier for businesses to communicate with employees, clients, share files and track the status of projects and assignments. There are huge varieties of software, versions and variations available in the market, including web-based tools accessible from any location. Here, we are going to explain about the new web-based project management software/app, named Artia, which is designed for socially connected teams. It enables users to manage personal and professional tasks, create and manage projects, share tasks with people, companies and teams, etc.

Artia.com – Project management tool with social network aspect

Online project-management software is best option for obtaining a company’s paperwork in sync. It thins the load of hard-copy correspondence, so that you can easily import data in personal computers as well view the same information from cubicles – or miles apart. Artia is also 100% web platform developed by Project Management company. It comes with Social Network Aspects that makes it great business tool with communication and collaboration system. Artia is easy to use network, which allows you to manage your projects and tasks, communicating with work buddies and friends, keep tags on your “to-do”, develop new ideas, and even control your time in a well-organized and proficient manner.

There is a big question about why use Artia instead of other web-based tools? Because it has lot to provide that increase the visibility of work and improve the synergy and commitment of their professionals. The clients of Artia are spread all over the world as it can be used for several professional fields like Marketing and Communication, Engineering, Industry, IT, Software Development, P&D, Consultancy, among others. Artia is best for freelancers, specialists, self employed professionals, manager and leaders of any kind of company that work with projects.

With this platform, user can take the benefits of better team collaboration, building communication, projects and tasks easier to organize. It is offered with several plans that fit perfectly with your company’s size from self employed professionals to big size enterprises. One best thing about the site is that it offers training services, implementation consultancy, special support and documentation.

No matter, wherever you want to manage your project with Artia because it’s available for both the personal computer and mobile devices, so you can manage your projects from any convenient place. No need of special training, hardware….installation or upgrade…as it is fully web-based service that just require simple registration either with free, light (USD 19.90), pro (USD 49.90), workgroups (USD 119.90), or corporate account. Registration is very simple, it hardly takes five minutes. You just need to enter your email address, open confirmation link, and your account will be created. After that, it will ask your personal details.

As soon as you complete the registration process, you will reach at dashboard, where you will see several options that you can utilize for getting started. On dashboard, you can create a new “community”, a new “organization” as well use projects menu to access your created and older projects. Each community has unique space for company department, a team working within a department, your family, a group of friends organizing “activities” together, or any environment in which you would like to manage and share work.

If you need to manage or need good control over your assignments, then enter time in your completed task window or in My Day window to know how much time you gain or lose. Users are also able to organize jobs and prioritize in “Treeview” according to the demand. Moreover, you can share and delegate tasks too.

Many of us cannot complete the task on time, so that our email box creates long list of pending tasks. If you are one of them, then no longer remember what belongs to and why, just transfer your pending items to Artia and arrange them in folders or projects and boost your efficiency.

Not only professional life, but also personal life can be managed with Artia. Invite your work buddies, friends and family to start using or join Artia and share tasks, pending assignments and projects. After inviting your friends, you can create or assign tasks and schedule appointments. All invited person can be viewed through schedule section. You are able to arrange your daily appointments and also make them available to your team, customers and partners.

It lets users to view their all registered tasks by time and date, and even plan their work collaboratively and efficiently by just clicking on your name or anyone participating in your “Community”. For further routine or pending tasks, you can create folders and tasks. If you have already created it, then just drag your work to the new project. To get more followers for latest task or tracking your progress, create Milestones for the completion of each “Project” and share them with your buddies.

No need to remember a planning of daily task and projects, you can plan them here and arrange them by the role you play during a day. It’s a great opportunity to be sharper and more productive by creating reminder of your tasks and allow Artia remind you of your appointments and “to-do’s” by e-mail. If you have no time to visit artia.com again and again, then turn your tasks into appointments and include them to “My Day” and you’re ready to go. Through this feature, you can manage everything through your mobile device when you are not at a computer.

There is good news for android and iOS users, as they can use Project Management tool, through their mobile phone just by downloading Artia app from “Google Play” or “App Store”.


  • Create and manage project and task efficiently
  • Free to use, but if you like it, pay a suitable price for your company
  • No license costs and no installation required
  • Requires only simple registration
  • Includes timeline and member profile for social connections
  • Add communities and organizations
  • Tools include Gannt charts, mobile access, project risks, templates, file sharing, time logs, and more
  • You can upload and share files
  • Accessible plans for larger groups
  • Use it from anywhere, anytime
  • Comes with Social Network aspects
  • 100% web-based service available also in app for smartphones
  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Manage your time and have a better control over your assignments
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Communicate with your team
  • Increase your productivity
  • Share tasks, pending assignments and projects with anyone
  • Access special charts and functionalities
  • Best for Marketing and Communication, IT, Software Development, Engineering, Industry, P&D, Consultancy field
  • It can be used by self employed professionals, freelancers, specialists, analysts, managers and leaders of any kind of company

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