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In the recent time, you are able to choose many types of credit cards and the rush card is one of them. The Rushcard is a prepaid secured Visa debit card, offered by Russell Simmons’ UniRush Financial Services in partnership with Visa. It can be used at millions of retail locations worldwide, over the phone, and in stores – anywhere Visa debit is accepted. The official website of the Rush card is www.RushCard.com, where you can get full information about this card and also access your RushCard Prepaid Visa Debit Card accounts by registering online.

What is the Rush Visa® Card?

UniRush Financial Services provide financial power and freedom through practical, powerful tools and an indispensable card – The Rush Visa Card, which is accepted at more than 780,000 ATMs in all over the world. It is issued by Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. By this card, you can pay your bills, purchase goods online and offline, eliminate check cashing fees and more. Only US residents are eligible for the Rush visa debit card. UniRush Financial Services does not require a credit check or security deposit. Rush card has no costly overdrafts or interest fees because you can only spend what you deposit.

How it works?

Rush cards works just like any other debit card. A customer can load the card with money, and then use it anywhere a Visa card is accepted. From your Rushcard account, money is debited and when the balance becomes zero, any other transactions are declined. Some Rushcard accounts also permit cardholders to write checks against the account balance. Rushcard charges fees for the use of the Rush card. There are also fees for ATM withdrawals and bill payments.

Rushcard offers two types of prepaid cards, a monthly plan and a pay as you go plan. The features and benefits of these cards are almost same. The dissimilarity is in the fees charged. Which card is best for you, depends on how you use the Rushcard.

RushCard Features:


  • Card to card transfers between RushCard members
  • Free Prescription Discount Card from RushCard – save up to 85% on prescriptions
  • This is a debit card, not a credit card
  • Free credit builder and account text alerts
  • Free direct deposit of tax refunds, anticipation loans and paychecks

Benefits of Rush card:


The Rush card gives many benefit to cardholders. Rush card works on the visa system and has full credit card number, which can be used to make online purchases. The pre-paid system means that it is not possible to draw more from your Rush Card account – no overdraft fees and no high interest rate credit. It is an easy-to-use and suitable option to credit cards, traditional banking, and check-cashing services without the worry of going into debt, overdrawing an account, or incurring costly fees. With prepaid visa, card cardholders feels freedom and security to make payments, track day-to-day spending, build a positive credit file, and manage their monthly finances.

How to get your prepaid Visa® RushCard?

To get your prepaid Visa® RushCard online, first open the official website and click on Get a card option given on the right side of the home page. Open a new page, first choose from Monthly or Pay As You Go plans, then select the card design that best matches your need, and complete the online application. After completing the application, you will get confirmation page where you need to add money option and then you will get approval option, if you are approval for Rushcard, then you will get email.

When you get prepaid Visa® RushCard, in order to use it, you must first activate it. Activating your RushCard is easy and only takes few moments. Add funds onto your RushCard using one of the many convenient ways. At the time of your initial money load, you will be charged a one time card Activation Fee.

How to add money in the Rush card?

You can simply load money onto your Rushcard using one of the many convenient ways to add money. There are many ways to add your money to your Prepaid Visa® RushCard which are described below:

  • Direct Deposit: You can add money on to your RushCard by having your payroll or government benefits check deposited directly to your RushCard automatically each payday. Direct deposit is convenient, safe, and FREE. If you add money by direct deposit options, then download a direct deposit form with instructions on how to set up direct deposit to your RushCard from rushcard.com. Rushcard takes the activation fee for those that use direct deposit.
  • Cash Deposit: You can add cash onto your Rushcard through either MoneyGram or CheckFreePay. If you need to add money in a pinch, then this option can be convenient, there is a fee of $3.95.
  • Paypal: Rushcard accept deposits directly from Paypal accounts. You must set up and confirm your RushCard in order to transfer funds. To transfer the funds, first login to your PayPal account and select “Withdraw” from the My Account tab. Click “Withdraw funds to your bank account”. Enter the amount what you want to transfer and select “JP Morgan Chase Checking” from the dropdown, and click Continue. Click “Submit” to confirm the transfer. Transfers MUST be in the name of the cardholder and can take 3-4 business days to complete.
  • Tax Refund: You can have your Federal and State tax refunds deposited directly to the Rushcard for free and receive your refund up to a month faster than traditional refunds.
  • Check or Money Order: You can add money by mailing a check or money order to Rushcard.
  • Bank Transfer: Money can be transferred from a bank account to the Rushcard.

Where to use Rush Card?

  • Use at ATMs
  • Make Purchases
  • Pay Bills
  • Travel Expenses
  • Send Checks
  • Cash Back

Manage your Rushcards account online at www.RushCard.com:

You can access your prepaid visa Debit Card accounts by registering the RushCard Online. When you register in the rushcard.com to manage your account, you will be given a login ID and Password, which can be used to access your account online.

If you are already registered in the rushcard.com, then you can login from top of the homepage. After then you will be able to pay your bills online and also send checks online. You will also get access to Prescription drugs discounts with Rushcard.

Online Account features include:

  • Card Information : Real-time access to your balance, deposits, and recent transactions.
  • RushText : Instant account information by text message or email.
  • Money-Saving Offers : Valuable coupons from top U.S. merchants.
  • Card-to-Card Transfers : Send money to anyone with RushCard or transfer money between your own cards.
  • Rush Bill Pay : A convenient way to pay monthly bills or send checks to anyone.
  • Money Tools : Easy-to-understand graphs help you track your spending, balance, and deposit trends over time.
  • Budgeting Tools : Create and monitor a personal monthly budget.

Source : Rushcard.com

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