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Usesold.com – Sold is a service that sells so you don’t have to

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Internet marketplaces have made it possible for people to convert their unused stuff into cash. Until now, the whole process of selling those items online was quite a laborious process. But now thanks to a new service called Sold – selling your stuff online has become much easier and faster than even before. Unlike other similar services like Craigslist, e-Bay, or Amazon, Sold will do almost everything about online selling for you, including pricing, listing, negotiating, and even shipping!

Usesold.com -  Sold is a service that sells so you don’t have to

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What makes Sold different from other sites is that here you aren’t selling your stuff to the company. Instead, you’re selling them directly to a buyer. Moreover, the entire process is really smooth and simple. While you’re busy with your life, Usesold will sell your stuff in no time. What’s more, your payment will be deposited directly to your bank account. However, remember that in order to use this service, you’ll have to download the Sold app (currently available for iOS devices) and register for an account. Once registered, you will be able to access online service anytime, from anywhere, by simply providing your email address & password.

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Now, let’s see how this site actually works:

  • Suppose you’re looking forward to sell a product on Usesold. Then, first you’ll have to submit four or more photos of the product and a brief description along with an appropriate title.
  • Usesold team will review the pictures and description of the item submitted by you, and will determine whether or not to list the item for sale.
  • Once Usesold decides to sell your item, the startup will automatically attach a price tag to the product. Remember, the price quoted to you will be the net price of all costs and expenses incurred in the selling process (including listing, shipping, and service fee).
  • If you accept this price, the site will find you a buyer and will sell it for you. For most of the items, Usehold guarantee a 1 hour sale. But it could also take a few days depending on the item. And if they are unable to sell your product within 21 days, your listing will be removed and you’ll not be subject to any fees in the process.
  • Keep in mind that while your product is put up for sale, Usesold may also send you email or in-app message requesting some additional information or photos of the product.

Now, once a sale has been agreed, Usesold will send you a free custom-made box that fits the product. The box, which is pre-labeled, pre-insured, pre-addressed also comes with bubble wrap and tissue paper. All you need to do is pack your product in this box and schedule a delivery pickup.

Within 3 days of receipt of product, buyer can make a claim that the product is damaged or does not match the description of item shown in the listing. And if the buyer does not file any complaint within 3 days period, Usesold will transfer the agreed amount directly to your bank account. Normally, sellers will get the fund within approximately 48 hours after the transfer has been initiated.

In short, Usesold is an excellent way to convert those unwanted items into quick cash. So if you’ve an iPhone or an iPad, just download the app and start selling your stuff today.


  • Easiest way to turn your unwanted items into cash
  • Attaches the most appropriate price tag for your item
  • Find and negotiate with buyers
  • Securely deposit funds to the respective bank account
  • Send free shipping boxes for sellers
  • No extra fees
  • No shipping costs


  • To sell products on this site, first download Usesold app and register for an account
  • App is available for only iOS devices within United States
  • Currently, you can sell just “items of value” like laptops, phones, cameras, and certain fashion stuffs like handbags, which can fit into one of their three free shipping boxes.

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