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Unioncy.com – Discover and organize products you love

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Collect your personal belongings and products that you love at only one single place online – unioncy.com. Indeed, it is your online treasure trove and best companion to organize your personal belongings and discover new products. This newly launched service is totally free for all users. It comes with a wide set of features to help you organize, value, trade, and simply learn regarding products you follow. Moreover, it will help you in getting details about what to do with all your stuffs. Just head over to unioncy.com, sign up for free and enjoy its great features and services.

unioncy.com - Discover and organize products you love

Many of us face clutter control problem due to the shortage of time. Who doesn’t wish to have a neater and more organized home? But we carry on with our usual patterns, and never address the problem or find a solution. That’s where Unioncy comes in. They are on a mission to dispose of clutter by making you conscious about your own stuff and goods.

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In October, 2012, Unioncy.com was started as a project by Deyan Dimitrov (formerly at Rocket Internet, Philips and Ericsson) and Victor Bodin (formerly of Rocket Internet and JPMorgan). Unioncy has been launched in February, 2013. According to the recent research, the projected value of unused things at home is £90bn (ninety billion pounds) in UK only. The team of Unioncy is focusing on this point, and thus the platform is designed to assist you in decreasing your own clutter, find out the present value of the item you no longer use or want, and to keep track of all your offline and online products. Most of us believe that organizing is a tiresome task, so considering this factor the Unioncy team has put much effort into generating the design simple and fun. Grab this real opportunity for fun and easy de-cluttering.

At Unioncy, besides organizing your personal belongings and learning their value, you can also discover new products, get opinions from friends and experts, and directly trade with other users. It allows you find and interact with people that have details or a curiosity in the products which you follow. Furthermore, you are able to get worth value of your things and seamlessly purchase new, trade, hire or rent your products. This is a good way to make money as well as save time.

The platform had attracted more than 1,000 users from 17 countries during the private beta phase. Once you register for free membership at Unioncy.com, you will enter in world of over 80 million products, given in more than 30 categories. In addition, members of the Unioncy community can actively contribute to Discover Boards – online mood boards at which you can take part in leaving feedback and opinions on “neat ideas” and other design ideas, and also on the Unioncy Blog. Search bar is provided on the homepage that helps you to find any specific product easily. As well, check out here the popular products list.


  • It is your online treasure trove
  • Organize your things and discover products you love
  • View outstanding things from over 80 million products (and growing)
  • Service available wholly free, and everyone is invited to join
  • Keep track of all your online and offline products
  • Filter your catalog for category, status, location, color, etc.
  • Stay notified about your products, and get all the related details
  • Share with friends and get opinions from people you trust the most

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