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ReGlobe.in – Sell and buy used gadgets in India

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Want to purchase or sell secondhand gadgets like laptops, Smartphone & tablets, easily and securely online; then ReGlobe.com can be good choice for you.

Buying and selling used goods are fun! Today, the cost of everything is on the rise, that’s why more and more people are turning to second hand goods, which is not only affordable but also gives ability to fill your cupboard with unique and ancient items. Secondhand goods can also become best gifts for collectors or people with unique interests. Selling a used stuff, you can also make money as well prune your unwanted belongings. Buying a firsthand is easy; we just need to search where the item is sold, search it in the store, bring it to the counter and make a payment. By contrast, the secondhand market is a jungle because you can purchase it from the internet to far-flung garage sales, that’s why both buyer and seller faced difficulties. No need to be confused now, because there are number of online sources from where you can purchase used items in good working conditions. ReGlobe.in is the latest online source introduced by snap deal recently to buy and sell used goods. It is fully free service for both buyers and sellers.

Second-hand gadgets in good condition

It’s time to give your old gadgets a new life with ReGlobe.in, which is welcoming users to sell used gadgets in exchange cash. At present, you can purchase and sell used gadgets only like mobile phone, laptops, tablets, etc. But in near future, it will expand category of products. ReGlobe has worked several leading electronics brand in the country. We all know that one most famous old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Snapdeal has considered this saying to create an online source for second-hand products. If the product has not reached a complete non-usable and non-refundable condition, then it could be another’s resources.

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ReGlobe purchases second-hand, outdated or undesirable laptops, mobile phones, and tablet directly from customers. Sometime, they refurbished and recycled them to increase the life of products. If offers free home pick-up service for used items and pay cash immediately. We all have purchased something second-hand at some point in our lives and found it difficult because of several significant factors like trust, fair price, stolen products, etc. But no need to worry now at least for laptops, because on ReGlobe; you can purchase high quality tested and warranted used, refurbished laptops with superior customer service and onsite tech support at reasonable prices. All equipments are professionally refurnished at its workshop so that you will always get best quality hardware. It offers up to 12 months of onsite Tech Support/AMC with every lap top.

No registration is required to buy or sell second hand products from reglobe.in; you just need to click on buy refurnish second hand gadgets. As soon as you click on it, it will bring you towards on the page of online shopping page from where you can purchase laptops, tablets and mobile phone. All products are divided in separate category, so that you can access information of products easily. Here you can search laptops by price, brand, ram, hard disk, processor, screen size, and lifestyle; mobile phones by brand, features, OS and type, primary camera, screen size, and price; while tablets by price, brand, call features, screen size and OS. Moreover, you can sort out the list by position, name, and price. It display products in both grid and list view even gives ability to select show per page. You can also access best seller and new products.

Each products of the site is available with 16 quality check to assure superior products. It delivers products within 5 to 7 days. It offers free home delivery across 30 cities in India.

How to purchase second-hand products:

First select products that you want to buy from ReGlobe.in

From the product page, you will get A to Z information about products

Read it carefully before starting shopping

After that add items in to your shopping cart and continue shopping

Enter your personal detail, address and payment details to complete the process

There are three ways to make a payment including COD, net-banking, credit, and debit card

How to sell used items:

To sell second hand items on ReGlobe.in, open sell.reglobe.in

Discover and select your gadget from the site and fill in details about its condition

As soon as you entered, it will give you instant online quote safely and securely with in seconds. It will tell you exactly what you will get for your gadget.

Schedule a pick-up by providing details like address, mobile number, etc. or drop-off your gadget at their office too.

Currently, it offers this service only in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

You can get payment instantly, when they pick up your gadgets or when you drop off at their office, after physical verification of your gadget by technician.


  • Easy to use
  • Buy or sell Second Hand Gadgets
  • Simple and hassle free process
  • Total free service for both buyers and sellers
  • Don’t require registration for selling or purchasing used products
  • Provide complete details of each product
  • Secure Payment Gateway (COD, Net-banking, Credit, Debit Card)
  • Deliver products with-in 5 to 7 days
  • Satisfaction or money back
  • Refurbished and recycled used products to increase the life of products
  • You can purchase high quality tested and warranted used, refurbished laptops, mobile phones and tablets
  • Offer maximum 12 months of onsite Tech Support / AMC with every lap top
  • You can search products by brand, name, features, etc.
  • Sort out the list by position, name, and price
  • Display products in both list and grid view
  • Offer used items with 16 quality check to assure superior products
  • Get A to Z information about products
  • You can get payment of selling products instantly, when they pick up your gadgets


  • Offers only laptops, Smartphone and tablets

How to sell secondhand gadgets on ReGlobe.in:

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