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Poggled.com: Get Deals & Discounts for Night Party

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Are you searching for discounted drink deals and party packages to bars and nightclubs? If so, then your search ends at Poggled.com – a daily deal website intended for nightlife. The website is geared wholly towards bar venues instead of offering up any daily deals from a common assortment of vendors. Poggled combines a shot of local deals services similar to Groupon with a rush of social networking interactivity to satisfy the craving of consumers seeking for new places to drink. Currently, the service is available only in 4 US cities – Chicago, New York, Denver and Milwaukee. It even has apps for iPhone and Android, and delivers few VIP services including luxury transportation and party management.

Poggled.com: Get Deals & Discounts for Night Party

In 2009, Joe Matthews and Sean Strother started Poggled as a social network for drinkers previous to they embraced the deals model. Backed by entrepreneurial powerhouse Lightbank and NEA, and built by Killswitch, the application is planned to benefit bars and alcoholic beverage companies plus bar-goers. Poggled has partnered with several bars and clubs to give customers unique savings and social opportunities. It is hoped that additional markets will be announced soon. The website even offers a good way to try out a new location without paying complete price. Access is free and users can look for definite discounts at their preferred locations.

Poggled works by alluring to a wide range of businesses, buyers and sponsors to create an active, surfacing social network of drinkers and promote them to do what a small number of other social networks do – go out. Poggled negotiates absurd drink deals for you. When sufficient people are involved in the same thing like cubs baseball, salsa dancing, flip cup, or else, they serve up a wonderful deal and a good time. It is necessary for you to be appeared on their guest list to get their deals in your inbox.

When you visit the site, you will feel nearly like venturing out for a night on the city. On the top of the page, check out the current deals, which consist of day, event type, bar name and neighborhood. A search tool bar is even offered on the right hand side to find all nightlife events. Scroll down the page and click on View icon in order to see present daily deals, and detailed info like venue information, discount percentage, when the voucher can be redeemed and more.

How deal works?

Potential buyers are informed by Poggled about drink deals through Facebook, Twitter accounts, email, and their website. There is a limited period of time for buyers to purchase a ticket and get in on the deal. Deal is wholly secured, and Poggled promotes users to spread the word to their friends through the social network of their preference (or talking to them in person), afterward have a group night on the city at a great discount. As you keep on grasping attractive deals, Poggled takes into consideration your likings, creates an understanding of who you are and what you prefer, and subsequently recommends similar establishments and deals in your area.

Once you purchase the deal through the website, you will be sent a voucher code which you should take with you at the time of visiting the location and give that code to their server or bartender. A list of current codes will be already there with the location and they will verify this info when you arrive. Now it’s time for you to enjoy good discount and save money at the time of going out using a Poggled voucher code. One unique featured offered by Poggled is the return policy. Most daily deal websites are very restricted with reference to return policies. Though Poggled is also limited, it does provide you a small window of chance to return voucher for a complete refund in case they experience buyer’s remorse or an alteration of plans. Share Poggled with friends and both of them will receive $5 credit after they purchase their first deal.


  • Get deals & discounts for night party that aren’t offered anywhere else
  • Interface is simple and access is free
  • Browse current daily Poggled deals on the homepage
  • Post deals to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Sort discounts by day, event and venue
  • Attach your bar to those featured on Poggled
  • Enjoy discount and save money at the time of going out with Poggled voucher code
  • The return policy (get full refund) – a very unique feature
  • Offers some VIP services – luxury transportation and party management
  • Share Poggled with friends and both earn $5 once they buy their first deal
  • Poggled can be downloaded for iPhones and Android devices
  • Appear on their guest list and get remarkable nightlife events right to your inbox


  • Service offered in just 4 US cities right now – Chicago, New York, Denver and Milwaukee

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