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Cardwoo.com – Buy and sell Gift cards at Cardwoo

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Now, people can buy and sell Gift Card online at Cardwoo.com which is created for Card Woo Card. At this site, card users buy Applebees, best buy, Macy’s, Barnes noble, Victoria’s Secret and many other store’s gift cards at very cheap rate. It offers free shipping for buyers to buy gift cards and envelopes for sellers to sell their Gift Cards.

Cardwoo.com - Buy and sell Gift cards at Cardwoo

CardWoo is a company, which was created to help customers solve the question of what to do with unnecessary gift cards. It gives best chance to card holders to sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. It also offers world’s most popular store’s and restaurant’s gift cards at great discount. After receiving your card, CardWoo offers those cards with discount price for other buyers and shoppers looking out for gift cards. It offers an easy, safe, convenient way to sell and buy your gift cards online and through the mail. For their customers, Card Woo covers all the costs of shipping, packaging materials, insurance and trackability.

Features of the Cardwoo.com

  • Buy cards at a discount
  • Sell unwanted gift cards
  • Free shipping for buyers
  • Free trackable shipping for sellers
  • Free envelop for shipping your gift cards
  • Free insurance for sellers up to $100

The appearance of the site is attractive with easily searching because from the site, you can access any navigation from the homepage. At the main page of the site, users can get navigations at top side, middle of the site and bottom the site. The main part of the site is selling and buying card section, which you can use to sell and buy your gift cards. If you face some difficulties to search service while using the site, then check out site’s FAQ section which gives site service descriptions in question answer format so check it and get the right answer about your difficulties.

How to sell your gift cards?

Cardwoo provides fast and easy way for its customers to trade their useless gift cards for cash. If you want to sell your gift cards online at Cardwoo.com, then visit this site and open the selling card section, where you have to fill out the form to request a free, insured pack with necessary information including name, home address and email address, and submit it. Within one day after sending the request,  you will receive a pack in the mail into which you will place all your unwanted gift cards. When you get the mail, send your unwanted gift cards using the postage-paid, pre-addressed envelope. After then, you will get check in mailed and get 14 days due from the date on the check to accept the payment or have your gift cards returned to you.

Using this site, you can send many cards. The card woo pack give off has eight card spaces, which will simply put up two each for a total of 16. If you need to more space then you can call and e-mail them and they will send out an additional Woo Pack.

How to buy gift cards?

To buy the gift cards, open the buying gift cards section. At this, you will get list of gift cards which is available for order. The Gift cards available are Starbucks Coffee, Walmart, Sephora, Target, Sears, Express, Pottery Barn, Khols, Itunes, and Ebay. In the list of gift cards, select the cards and add card in your cart. Once you choose your shipping card, click on the checkout option for your shopping cart and enter your login detail if you are already member of the site. If your shipping address is different from the billing address, then you need to create an account. After creating account enter your payment details, get the confirmation email at your email address.

At the cardwoo.com, you will track your order details online. It offers delivery confirmation on all Woo Packs through the U.S. Postal Service at absolutely no charge. If you want to track your delivery order online, then enter the 20-digit USPS tracking number which is provided on the front of your packet and confirm your Woo Pack.

Source: www.cardwoo.com.

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