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iRentShare.com – Platform for renting and sharing of a wide range of goods

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Delhi based IRentShare is a peer to peer renting and sharing platform for a wide range of goods including books, cameras, mobiles, computers, furniture, clothes & accessories, etc.

There are often situations in life when we buy a thing at high price like clothes for particular occasion, etc., use it for a very short time period and then let it go unused for a lifetime. Many times, it also becomes urgent to purchase products or goods for a specific need, so one has to spend hard-earned money with a heavy heart. IRentShare is one such platform that helps people solve life’s little dilemmas. It lets you choose for a smarter way of using products. It is a peer to peer (P2P) rental and sharing platform for physical goods from books to crockery with renting companies in India, which combines the ideas of logistics and legal support.

iRentShare.com - rent or share stuffs

IRentShare started in June 2013 by Rishabh Kapoor, Vardhman Jain and Abhishek Ambatipudi. IRentShare aims to give people access to things they can’t afford and reduce wasteful consumption of resources on a planet, which may become hostile to humans if we do not actively differentiate between wants and needs through new market mechanisms! When you don’t have enough money to buy or want to make money on your spare things, lots of things can be rented or shared at IRentShare to actually solve your financial problems. It provides services like home delivery and pick up of products, and you have to pay just nominal rent and security charges. Sign up now on iRentShare.com and explore for a pleasant experience as renter & owner!

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IRentShare.com has nice user interface, and made remarkable with creative info graphics on how the process works. The parallel tabs on top have options like Rent, Share and Give, with top categories listed on left. IRentShare have tie ups for heavy weight things, also it offers free home delivery for light weight things, cash on delivery, contracts, net banking, and legal assistance. It works on giving insurance on costly items in future. They have a ready legal assistance team to make sure smooth and secure transactions and for stuffs like books, they have a replacement policy in place too.

Irentshare works on an easy model of offering a platform, where people who wish to rent out their goods can list it on their site, and others who wish to borrow can pick up what they want. A security deposit has to be paid by borrowers. The site does a verification of both the renter as well as borrower. If you are feeling generous, you get the option of ‘sharing’ your stuff, where anyone can request to borrow your stuff for free.

Irentshare lets you borrow furniture like beds, electronics ranging from the PS3 games, iPad, coffee makers to a projector for only some hours, sports goods also musical instruments including drum kits, amplifiers or an electrical guitar. Both users and companies can offer their products on rent. What’s more, unlike other portals, irentshare even gives logistical support (pick ups and drop offs) along with payment options, mandatory security deposits of the owner’s preference for their products and verified users. Request for renting/sharing an item here or select a product from their category list that you’d want to rent. If you are not satisfied with the rent quoted, then mention the rent you’d desire and irentshare will negotiate on your behalf, have the product picked up – delivered.

If you are an owner with more stuff that you do not require, you can either rent it or share it on the website. In case of sharing, you don’t charge to help anyone in need,. While in case of posting an item, you need to create an account and then put it on rent after decide the security deposit, duration and the money you want to charge. Once you complete this procedure, the item is loaded on the website.

Go through the process of Irentshare given here in a simple way, so it is easy to understand.

  • Owner uploads an item on the website and gives info like description, images, deposit, duration, rent amount, etc.
  • Renter/Borrower requests the item for renting or sharing. If an item is negotiable, the borrower can bargain with the owner if he/she wants.
  • Borrower mentions the time period for rent.
  • The platform takes the deposit, picks up the product and delivers it to the renter/borrower.
  • After the time period for rent ends, the product is delivered right back to the owner.

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