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Flipkart.com: Online Book store with Free Shipping in India

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Are you searching for bookstore to buy books online with out paying shipping charge? Then you should consider about the Flipkart.com where you can buy and purchase books online with Free Shipping in India. Nowadays in your busy rutting life it is more comfort and convenience to give order of your favorite authors’ book editions only with your mouse clicking, you just sit at home on computer and order via Flipkart.com. Flipkart is one of the largest Indian online bookstore recently adding new categories like the CDs/DVDs of Music, movies and games on the www.flipkart.com.

Flipkart.com: Online Book store with Free Shipping in India


Flipkart is a Bangalore-based online retail bookstore. It was started in 2007 by two IITD graduates co- founders Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. Binny said “We noticed that most online e-commerce players in India didn’t get even the basics right. Customers were not getting what they ordered, in the time that they were promised. Our customers can trust us. We provide them satisfaction and unmatched usability”.

Today, Flipkart has 200 employees and is rigorously working to make its coverage as wide as possible. Two distribution centers one in Delhi and other Bangalore are operated by it and expected three more centers in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata by the end of this fiscal. To add regional language books and to improve services delivery, Flipkart also plans to discover further in book retail.

Flipkart.com Online Book Store

If you buying books online in India, Flipkart.com is a right way for you. This online retail book store recently launched three new product categories like Movies, Music and Games. Now consumer can buy CDs and DVDs of movies, music and games and get discounts of up to 22 per cent, according to FlipKart. The content widely includes English and Hindi titles and around 5 to 10 per cent of regional titles.

Flipkart offers books on various subjects, including arts and photography, computers and Internet, history, mystery and thrillers, reference, sports, biographies and memoirs, cooking, food and wine, home and garden, nonfiction, religion and spirituality, teens, business and investing, law, and entertainment. It also offers books on other subjects, such as outdoors and nature, romance, travel, children’s books, gay and lesbian, literature and fiction, parenting and families, science, comics and graphic novels, health, mind and body, medicine, professional and technical, and science fiction and fantasy etc.

FlipKart helps you search for all your favorite books and buy book online by offering low prices, free shipping and an intuitive interface as well as excellent customer service. The books categories are Tags based. You can search for books by author, book name or ISBN. The website is simple to use to buy your favorites with FlipKart, simply create your wish list first you need to login in website to access and create wish list whenever you need.

Once you select the item that you wish to purchase, add then in your shoping cart, if you want add more items, go back on FlipKart.com homepage to select more items or if not then click on continue to your purchasing and order process.

Your payment can be made through Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking and Cash-on-Delivery (C-o-D). To pay by VISA and MasterCard both Indian and International, select “Pay by Credit Card” option after click on “Buy This item” button. Select “Pay by Netbanking” option, if you use American Express Cards. For more information about payment at FlipKart.com, visit http://www.flipkart.com/s/help/payments

Quick delivery & Free Shipping

If you are ordering from a city like Delhi, the delivery time is sometimes less than one day. FlipKart.com offers free shipping for all orders of 100 Rupees or more. With Flipkart, you does not disappoint for quick delivery matters because they use these all premier couriers like FirstFlight, Overnite, BlueDart etc. if you are not stay in these courier zone, your order will be delivered by registered post. For most of books, they promise of delivery is in 3 business days and they can really fulfil that promise. You can track your order.
The Flipkart packing is nice, put bills inside carton in which your books are packed and the book was wrapped in transparent plastic cover.

Tips to buy books (classics) online from Flipkart.com

  1. Find various editions of different publishers for the same book in search results (not applicable for new/recent books where one publisher has the copyright). You usually have similar results for some book in search results (especially for old books/classics). Try finding a book by a reputed publisher at an amenable price and do not just jump to the first result you get.
  2. Buy a book from a reputed publisher and a book with enough details (such as page number).
  3. If you are buying classics (English literature) take books by Rupa Classics, Wordsworth Editions, Pocket Books, Peacock classics, Penguin Classics. If you are buying works by Premchand (Hindi), Manoj publications has some great quality prints.
  4. Compare prices and find the cheapest price. Visit isbn.net.in to find the cheapest prices of a book on various online shopping sites. I recommend go for Flipkart in any case.
  5. Go to amazon.com, find the book you want to see the details of by ISBN code and preview it and read the details if it is there (amazon usually has best book details). Amazon is very expensive, needless to say.

More information also given on http://vikas-gupta.in/2010/03/27/having-bought-120-books-i-recommend-flipkart-com-to-buy-books-online-india

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User Reviews

5 User Reviews of "Flipkart.com: Online Book store with Free Shipping in India"
  1. John Martin says:

    I like to use online shopping store not because of its service but also to get free delivery at home which i like most about online shopping.

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  2. indian songs says:

    I admire with you, few of things happens around this issue nowadays.

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  3. Amit Singhal says:

    Great review. I have been a regular buyer from FlipKart and Infibeam. These guys have been great in general (i have my own good and bad experiences). However there is not dearth of great service providers in India. This brings more belief that how our Indian consumer mind set is changing and more companies invading and innovating in this space.

    Recently came across http://www.flipgraph.com (now before buying any book, I always consult isbn.net.in which is a super useful price comparison tool across all major online retail stores in India and I discovered them from there). Must say these guys are giving some real kicks and competition to all existing big players. Excellent customer service, most competitive prices, great experience on site, got the books in 2 days flat with excellent packaging, they send slick scribble notepads etc as goodies…The best part was, they do lot of bargain deals as they sell used copies as well..I bought a used copy of a classic…it is not even available in India anywhere…the price for new book on amazon.com was almost 1200 rs (after conversion)…i got it from them in 100 bucks !!!

    Watch out everyone else as looks like there are folks bringing competition to market…Well, good for users like us 🙂

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  4. Sonu says:

    I think storez18.com is the best bookstore in india. first storez18.com giveing maximum discont than other online bookstore in india.

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    Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  5. Maddy says:

    i got to know about it when i was surfing on the net

    the one and only thing i don’t like is that i have purchased more than 10 products from flipkart but they should email “discount coupons” as a small reward to the regular type of customers such as me.

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