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Booktango.com: Online Platform to Buy & Sell E-Books

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Booktango is one of the leading e-book publishing platforms for authors. The service is enhanced by numerous tools that enable an author to upload a manuscript, make out errors, edit, publish and distribute the e-book to all major online ebookstores. Booktango pays the highest royalties to the authors in the E-book publishing industry. The author gets 100% of the sale when the e-book is directly sold on the Booktango platform whereas they get 90% of the sale when the e-book is sold to other major online ebookstores including iBookStore, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Sony, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo. Plus, it’s absolutely free to publish an e-book through Booktango.

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Booktango.com to Buy & Sell E-Books

Even though the basic service is free, the Booktango offer a wide range of paid services for designing and editing purposes. Booktango offers a unique application called DIY cover designer with which the author can create custom cover designs quickly and easily by just following a drag-and-drop method. Moreover, Booktango formats your document into an e-book file. These e-book files are downloadable on several devices like Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iPad, Nook, Smartphones, Android Tablets, and PC or Mac computers. Presently, Booktango supports publishing of e-books only in English language but it will start very soon supporting other Latin-1 languages like German, French and Spanish.

Booktango offers mainly three packages among which, one is free service and other two are paid ones. The free service includes features like free ISBN assignment, online cover designer, online e-Book editor and selling of e-books through major retailers. The second package is called ‘Time Saver’ worth $49 where authors can get additional services like Interior Images, free copy of e-book, and formatting & correction services. The third package called ‘Defender’ is available at a cost of $189. In this package, the authors can access all services of ‘Time Saver’ plus they get U.S. Copyright Registration for their e-book. The only requirement to use the Booktango platform is to create an online account with Booktango.

Regardless of the package you choose, there are three main work areas namely the editor, cover designer, and e-book details. After you upload your manuscript, you will be able to view and correct the formatting errors in the e-book editor. You can also create live table of contents, define chapters, and many more things in this e-book editor. In cover designer area, you can build the cover for your e-books by using several options available in the DIY publishing. Either you can upload your own designed cover or you can access the library of royalty-free images provided by Booktango. Plus, if you want more attractive and advanced cover design options to make your e-book attractive, then you can buy the package of Booktango’s Custom Cover Design.

The most important work area is of E-book Details. Here, you have to provide a range of vital information about your e-book. The retailers will use this information to exhibit your e-book in their online stores. The “About the Book” information must be very clear otherwise some major retailers like Apple and Sony may not include your e-book in their stores. Plus, this information plays a very important role in attracting buyers and readers towards your e-book. Once you are done with all three stages, hit the “PUBLISH” button to confirm your information. However, after that you will not be allowed to edit your e-book project.

Buying of e-books is also very easy and hassle free task in Booktango’s online store. Just hit the “Bookstore” tab located at the home page. Several categories like ‘Browse By Subject’, ‘Browse By Format’, ‘Advanced Search’, ‘New Releases’, ‘Best Sellers’, and ‘Noteworthy Titles’ makes your search very simple and easy. In each category, you can view sub-categories. On selecting any particular e-book, you can get the price of that e-book along with some useful information such as the overview of book, about the author, and about editorial and customer reviews.


  • Easy to use tool for buying and selling e-books
  • Offers both free and paid service
  • Pays the highest royalties to the authors
  • Distributes and sells e-books to all major online ebookstores
  • Authors can work on their e-book on their smartphones, tablets, and similar other devices
  • E-book editor for editing
  • Provide professionally designed covers for e-book
  • Bookstore contains wide variety of e-books for sale
  • Works on publicity for e-books


  • U.S. Copyright Registration exist only for paid package

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