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Wikia.com – Create your own Wiki for free

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Wikia.com is a free web hosting service, where people create wiki about their favorite topic in any language with free of charge. It publishes user-provided content under copyleft licenses. On this site, people can create three types of wiki entertainment, gaming and lifestyle, in which they can get several new topics.

Wikia.com – Create your own Wiki for free

Wikia.com was founded by Wikipedia founder ‘Jimmy Wales’ and ‘Angela Beesley’ in 2004. Wikia is located in San Francisco. It was inspired by the model Wikipedia, open-source encyclopedia where anyone can add content. It is totally autonomous of Wikipedia and utilize as a profit model with advertise incomes. It is the best site for those people who are avid about particular subjects in categories including entertainment, gaming and lifestyle to make the final source on those topics. Wetpaint, pbworks and socialtext are the main competitors of the site.

The appearance of the wikia.com is little attractive. The site is built with their main topics which are situated on top of site with the name of gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle. People can also get detailed information about wikia industries from about wikia section which is located under the main section on topside. You can share your knowledge in any language, for this first you need to select your language. Wikia also gives community sections for wikia blogs where it put the wikia related article for its users. It can also use facebook and twitter account for promoting this site. You can also get detailed information about the Active wikis of facebook and twitter.

How to create wiki?

If you want to create a wiki for your favorite topics, then open start a wiki page where complete the form with necessary detail such as name, address, category, language and sign up detail like username, email, password and birth date and submit it. Once you create your wiki page, you will get a new page, where enter introduction about your topic, then save it and select theme. To begin your wiki, you need to add some pages. After then, you can select premium plan to remove ads. If you want to remove ads from your wiki page, then use the Wikia+Plus by paying $4.99 per month, otherwise continue with Wikia basic and see your wiki page. At the site, you will get tips for promoting your wiki.

At the site’s main section, you can read many wiki topics such as TV series, movies, Anime series, Xbox 360 games, PS3 games, PC games, Wii games, food and drinks, travel, etc. Before creating the wiki, read some topic to get the idea about your wiki topics. At the wikia.com, one can also create blog posts, which are a one of the best way to share news, opinions, and creative pieces with the people. To create blog, you need to login in the site if you are already member of it, otherwise you need to create your account. After login in the site, enter your title, text and category of your article and select category and submit it.

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