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SMSMail.com – Send SMS by Email

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Sms-mail.com is the website through which people can send Free Mobile SMS Love Short Text Messages and Funny SMS Jokes in UK English, India or Arabic Worldwide SMS Gateway. It ranks number 619,228 in the world according to Alexa due to it is not really popular. Sms-mail.com has been around for 16 years, since the domain was registered. Sms-mail.com is average (2.266 seconds), 52% of sites are slower on the basis of Alexa’s measurements.

SMSMail.com - Send SMS by Email

When people visit sms-mail.com, they will see navigation such as “Registration”, “Get Credit”, “Support”, “Pricing & Coverage”, “Features”, and “Sign in”. By entering registered email address and password they can sign in easily. Now people can send SMS easily by email and even save money. Smsmail is up to 90% cheaper than sending SMS by phone.

Features of SMSMail.com:

  • Send SMS by email: Send SMS from your email address. No software is required. It works from any email program. Sending SMS is just as easy and fast as sending emails and a whole lot cheaper too.
  • Send mass SMS: Send SMS to a large group of friends or business contacts in one go, instantly. Use its online bulk SMS tool or send mass SMS from your email program. There is no limit to how many SMS you can send at once.
  • Email forwarding: If your emails are forwarded to your mobile phone through SMS, then never miss an important email, even if you are away from the computer.
  • Delivery notification: Always know the precise moment when SMS was delivered. Whether the receiving phone was switched off, or if your SMS was not delivered, then you will never again have to wonder.
  • Individual Sender IDs: If you want to send SMS coming from “YourCompany” or “YourEvent” then change your Individual Sender ID in the login area.
  • Games & Extras: Download games, pictures, and music for your mobile phone. Obtain free stuff and great discounts in the login area. This service is not available in all countries.

Cost of SMS (text messages) depend on the SMS length and network. Please see Prices & Coverage for exact figures for your country and network. There are no monthly costs and no minimum volume of SMS you need to send. With SMSmail.com, you only pay for the SMS you send, even if you select the subscription option. You pay once and receive your SMS-credits every month. Your credit card won’t be charged again.

You do not require any additional software to install. With SMSmail.com, you can send SMS with your favorite email program. It is similar to send email. SMS will usually arrive within seconds. But that depends entirely on the network in your country. You will get a delivery notification by email after your SMS has been arrived. Delivery notifications cost is 1/4 SMS-credit per notification. Delivery notifications can be switched off in the settings area of your account.

Delivery notifications are not allowed in all countries and networks. On the purchase date, monthly credits are refilled every month. Regular credits never expire, unless you neglect to send a single SMS over a period of one calendar year. SMS can hold up to 1380 symbols in 7-bit (e.g. English) or 600 symbols in 16-bit (eg. Chinese). SMS costs 1 SMS-credits for the first 160 symbols (70 in 16-bit) and the same amount for every additional 150 symbols (67 in 16-bit), to most countries and networks.

Register at SMSMail.com:

For sending SMS, users need to do registration. For registration visit SMSMail.com and enter email address, repeat address, language, country, Mobile number incl. country code: (e.g. +44123456789), and the symbols on the picture then accept terms and condition and click on “Send” option.

For knowing about pricing and coverage, click on “Pricing & Coverage” option. Select your currency and your country. You will get operator, SMS-credits used per SMS, and price per SMS in the currency, you have selected. Prices are based on a purchase of 100 SMS-Credits a month for 6 months. Pricing and coverage are subject to change.

Source: http://smsmail.com

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