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ScoopShot.com – Earn money from your mobile camera photos

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Mostly all likes to capture photos from their phone either to keep as memory, show it to friends, or else. Do you know that your hobby of taking snaps can help you to earn good amount of money? Scoopshot.com has produced an outstanding service; it lets you to snap a picture with your mobile cam and sell those images instantly to leading news media. This is an amazing crowd sourcing example. Note that ScoopShot is a free application available for only iPhone and Android market at present.

ScoopShot.com - Earn money from your mobile camera photos

The innovative Scoopshot photo service is being developed and run by the privately owned company P2S Media Group Inc. that founded in April 2010 and based in Helsinki, Finland. Scoopshot photo service splits news photography amid mobile Scoopshooters across the world and the global media throughout the Scoopshot Store. The company itself has wholly developed the proprietary Scoopshot software solution, which offers a straightforward however useful solution to streamline workflows for crowd sourced photography content and to generate pioneering mobile campaigns locally as well as internationally.

How it works?

Obtain the free Scoopshot app

People who have high photographic skills must take the advantage of this new mobile application. If you think that your captured photos look remarkable and will be liked by others then you should use the service at least once. No ads are shown on Scoopshot. One can easily download and install Scoopshot for iPhone and Android. If you are using iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad, then launch the App Store on your phone and find for Scoopshot. On the website, you may also press the App Store logo. If you are using Android device, then launch Android Market and explore for Scoopshot or else hit on the Android Market logo on the website.

Capture photos and earn money with Scoopshot

It’s quite simple to take the photos with Scoopshot. As soon as you view something that seizes your attention or seems interesting, just whip out Scoopshot app and tap the lens icon on the front page to begin the camera. Besides Scoopshot, you can send photos taken with other camera apps, although you have to first import them to Scoopshot. In both phones, visit Photos page and tap Import from photo albums for iPhone while tap Import from gallery for Android and then pick up the photo to import. If you cannot search the importing feature, try updating the app to the most recent version.

It’s better taking photos with the Scoopshot app in order to add the authenticity of the photo since the source of the photo is identified. Once you have snapped the photo, fill in the requested photo info like explain what makes it important and set a price for the photo. Then send your photo to Scoopshot Store straightforwardly from your device for sale.

Also, you could send photos afterward from the Photos page by choosing an unsent photo. Always remember that fine Scoopshot photos must be fresh and newsworthy so send rapidly as possible. Scoopshot photos ought to be sent within 48 hours of captivating the photo. Whenever the media or journalists buy your photo from Scoopshot Store, you will receive a notification to your device. The media can purchase the publishing rights for photos and also Scoopshot will make sure that you are rewarded appropriately. On your Scoopshot account, you can simply check the balance and transfer the money earned by you to your bank account.


  • Take shots with mobile camera, sell it to media right away and earn money.
  • Installing and using Scoopshot is wholly free.
  • Process is very easy and simple to follow.
  • A one-stop photo service for the latest news photos.
  • Send unlimited photos.
  • Earn money with each news and task photo the media or journalists purchase.
  • Enter in their monthly photo contest to win €1,000.


  • Currently service is accessible for just Apple iPhone and different Android devices.
  • You must keep hurry as all the photos are for sale only for 48 hours.
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