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Mail.Airtelmail.in – Airtel Free email service

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Now, Airtel has joined with Google to provide free email service for their broadband customers. It is more intuitive, efficient & useful service. The official site of the Airtel Mail is Mail.Airtelmail.in. To use Airtel mail service, Customers need to login in this site. By this service you can send mail to your friends and also share photos and video with them. You can enjoy lots of extra features like auto complete, filtering, custom labeling, and spell check etc.

Mail.Airtelmail.in - Airtel Free email service

Airtel Mail service is provided by Bharti Airtel Limited which is Indian company offering telecommunication services in 19 countries. With more than 140 million subscriptions, it became the largest cellular service provider in India. It is the world’s third largest, single-country mobile operator and fifth largest telecom operator in the world with a subscriber base of over 180 million.  Bharti Airtel provides telecom service under the Airtel brand. In over 96 cities in India, The company also provides land-line telephone services and broadband Internet access (DSL).

Features of Airtel Mail

Virtually Unlimited Space : Virtually unlimited free storage of over 6 gigabytes. You will never need to delete another message!

Fast & Secure : Send & Receive your mails instantly. Plus we scan & clean email attachments with latest anti-virus software to deliver safer mails for your computers.

SMTP & POP3 / IMAP access : Get mails delivered to your off-line mail client

Less Spam: Keep unwanted messages out of your inbox with state-of the-art spam filters.

Mail Search : Quickly find the exact message you want, no matter when or by whom it was sent or received.

How to use Airtel Mail service?

To use Airtel Mail service, First visit the Mail.Airtelmail.in, where create your email account and get confirm message at your email address. Once you become member of the site, you can use Airtel mail service after login, and get benefit of this service. With this service, you can invite your friends at this site and can do chat with them. By joining Airtelmail.in site, you can send mail, and receive lots mail instantly.  And also scan & clean email attachments with latest anti-virus software to deliver safer mails for your computers. Also get mail delivered report to your offline client. Users also share their videos and photos with their friends, relatives and clients.

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User Reviews

9 User Reviews of "Mail.Airtelmail.in – Airtel Free email service"
  1. Apandra Dhaliwal says:

    I want Free SMS Through Airtelmail.in

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    Rating: 2.3/5 (3 votes cast)
  2. Selva says:

    iwant increase space (Storage) for my airtel mail…help me on this

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  3. SingarveluK says:

    Dear Sir I have email id named singaravelu@airtelmail.in for the couple of months it is not working (i used it with incredimail) kindly do the need ful to use the above because i am having a lot of mails to go through with.
    Thanks and regards
    K.Singar velu

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  4. Ashish says:

    Hello World !
    Airtel has become bankrupt or what they have deleted the all emails of existing customers and now they are charging Rs 20/- per email per month. Please check it before publishing such kind of articles, as I am one of victim customer of Airtel.

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  5. Chandra Parkash says:

    How to log in is a problem now.

    I am forced to use hotmail or Google

    Please advise

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  6. geetha says:

    Directo, Youth Services & Sports, Nrupatunga Road, Bangalore is using 9880410646 airtel connection.

    we request you to keep this number under safe custody for further request.

    thank you

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  7. Suresh says:

    I want free would beautiful images and pictures. So please sent images and pictures.

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  8. acharya says:

    genius associates vasant kunj property sale purchase & renting south delhi

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  9. chetan says:

    Dont know what is the problem with airtel, these days.
    I can access to my mail account from my Laptop but could not access from my desktop. All other mail and sites could be accessed. Please check.

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