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EventsClique.com – 3D Event Designer to plan, design and share events

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Create 3D Floor Plan design for personal or corporate event with 3D Event Designer, EventsClique.com and share with friends & family by email or on Facebook.

Planning an event is a challenging task. Whether you are planning wedding, corporate events or private events; you can plan and create an event the way you dreamed of, that too without hiring a professional planner. EventsClique.com helps you to plan and create a 3D representation of your event quickly and easily. You can then present this 3D design to the professional to give him/her an idea of what you want the end product to resemble.

Different 3D Floor Plan designs created with EventsClique

EventsClique.com is a 3D event design and planning software that brings your ideas to life. It is designed for event professionals and clients. The site is very easy-to-use and has user-friendly web interface. You can use it without downloading or installing any software as well as any prior CAD or software experience. All you need is an internet connection.

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It lets you to plan and design the event space & layout in 2D just by dragging and dropping items into the work space. You can then view the design in realistic 3D from all angles via any computer at any place. You can create 3D design for almost all the events weddings, anniversaries, private party, conferences, corporate events, baby shower, etc.

You are allowed to make changes in the created design and also view them in real-time. You can even share your event 3D design with anyone throughout the world for review. For marketing or review, simply embed the event 3D designs on your website.

There are three types of plans: My planner, Clique planner and Pro planner. My planner is trail version that lets you to create 3D design for event at no cost; but offers limited features. Clique planner and Pro planner are paid version that provides more features.

To get started, sign up for free trail or paid version according to need. The sign up process takes only few minutes. After sign up, select the type of the event you want to create from the given options. Then add project name, description and start & end date of the project. Now start to create the event, by hitting the “Click Here To Start” button. You can select the “Pre-Modeled Floor Plans” or “Create Your Own Floor Plan”.

If you select the “pre-modeled” floor plans to design your Event, you are allowed to choose one of the in-built floor plans templates. The floor plans templates can be selected according to State/Region. On selecting “Create Your Own Floor Plan” option, you are able to design a Rectangular, L Shaped, T Shaped and Outdoor Event space just like resembles your home, backyard or venue. You can create indoor/outdoor floor plans of any size and shape. You can view the video tutorials for guidance.

Once floor plan is selected or created, you can plan your event at the Event workspace. Different products are given at the right hand side of the workspace. You can filter the products via category: chairs, décor, entertainment, flooring, tents, etc. Just, drag and drop the products into your floor plan to add them in your event. You can rotate, resize and recolor the product as per your needs. There is no limit to add the products.

You are allowed zoom in/out or even change the unit. There is a “Group Items” option to move or delete a grouping of items at once. On the bottom of the workspace, you view the dimensions which can be changed in either feet or centimeters. You can even change ceiling, wall, or floor materials/colors of a particular room in the floor plan from “Room & Walls” option. “Center Camera” option positions the Camera in the center of the workspace.

After creating the Floor plan in 2D, you can view it in 3D by hitting the 3D View button. If everything is perfect, you can save the Event Floor Plan and create a PDF which you can provide to Vendors for Event setup. Easily share the Event Floor Plan design with friends and family on Facebook or via email.

All saved floor plan will appear in the “My Floor Plans”. Duplicate Floor Plan option lets you to rename the Floor Plan and make changes in it without making changes to your original design.


  • Free trail
  • User friendly interface
  • Very easy and simple to use
  • No need to install or download any software
  • Easy to build 3D event design with a drag and drop interface
  • Allow to add tables, chairs, centerpieces, dance floors, etc. into the floor plan
  • Users can save event design in the cloud
  • Provide tutorials videos for beginners
  • Make and view design changes in real-time
  • Print or email the auto-generated PDF
  • Share the event design with friends and family via email or on Facebook
  • No prior CAD or software experience needed
  • Pre-modeled floor plans to design Event


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