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Divorceyes.com: Getting Divorce is not Expensive in Florida!

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Getting Divorce is very expensive for average people as it involves current legal costs and future costs of child support as well as alimony. As we talk about Florida for getting divorce it can be very tough and expensive. To get the divorce in Florida, one has to pay thousands of dollars as attorney fees. But now it will become cheap to get divorce at Florida because Jeff Miller and Miller Law Associates, Florida divorce attorney have announced a revolutionary online legal service called DivorceYes.com. Miller Law Associates is active Florida Divorce Law firm with licensed Florida lawyers.

Divorceyes.com: Getting Divorce is not Expensive in Florida!

In Florida there is a need of capable lawyers for divorce case at affordable price. In family court, 80% of people have found difficulty due to long and tough legal procedures. DivorceYes.com is created to get the process of divorce completed fast at affordable price and to lessen the burden of divorce on families. DivorceYes.com is a Florida law firm offering low cost divorce in both contested and uncontested cases. They offer three main services – Docuprep services, 30 day quick divorces, and contested divorces to Florida residents who want to get divorce at affordable rate.

DocuPrep services

DocuPrep is the most affordable service provided by the DivorceYes.com. Its legal team prepares all the necessary Florida divorce forms for the client. Client represents himself in court with files and manages their uncontested case alone. It takes only $99 with no kid and $149 with kid.

30 day Quick divorces

It is very popular service for those who want to make fast, uncontested divorce. It offers legal advice and legal representation in court at very flat fee to their clients. They take $399 for an uncontested divorce with no kids and $499 for an uncontested divorce with kids. The DivorceYes.com legal team charges extra fees for court filing and manages all paperwork of the clients.

Contested divorces

It also handles contested divorce cases at low, flat charges. The contested family law case includes property disputes, alimony, children’s issues, paternity, relocation, and enforcement. A law firm takes 30 days to complete from the date of filing the case. For every service, detailed information is given in the website. To get the divorce through the website DivorceYes.com, a person has to follow the steps given on the website. Then legal team will prepare all the Florida divorce papers and email back to the clients. After that, client can submit it in the court.

Extra services:

Military Divorce

In case of servicemen/women, one of the parties must stay in Florida at least 6 months to get a divorce in Florida before filing the petition. Otherwise the court will ask for other Florida residency proof like Florida identification card, other government issued identification or an affidavit of a witness. In case of Military Divorce a person gets free initial consultation.

DivorceYes.com provides Florida online divorce option for Florida military personnel at low cost. Even if you have stayed outside of Florida, the Florida online divorce option can finalize Uncontested Florida military divorce in 30 days from the date of filing. Miller Law Associates is an experienced Florida divorce law firm and is proud to serve their servicemen.

Uncooperative Spouse

In case of uncooperative spouse, person has to file Florida divorce case if they want to avoid conflicts like alimony, child support, attorney fees, etc. They will try to understand the situation and prepare necessary documents to file a case in the court. Once you file the case in court, your spouse must have to respond it within 20 days in court.


  • Process is short and easy
  • Save money and time
  • Lessen the burden of divorce on families
  • Gives online legal service with efficient lawyer
  • Manages all paper work of client
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