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Cloudtact.com: Backup Mobile Contacts & Address Online

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Cloudtact is a very useful tool for ensuring that your address book information is always correct and up-to-date. This web tool really helps you in getting rid of doing the most tedious work of updating your address book every time when your friends or colleagues change their contact info. This tool is very easy to use. Sync your android, iPhone, iPad, laptop or Gmail address books to Cloudtact and it will automatically update your address book. All you have to do is to create a profile and share it with whoever you want. On updating your Cloudtact profile, all those with whom you have shared your profile will instantly see the change on their devices and similarly your device’s address book will also get updated when others make any change in their profile.

Cloudtact.com: Backup Mobile Contacts & Address Online

Creating a Cloudtact profile is really very easy. Simply, provide your name, email id, home address, and cell phone number. Create a password, and choose your desired field type such as email, phone, address, company, URL, birthday, and instant messenger. Now, enter email addresses of friends, colleagues, or family members whom you’d like synced to your address book. Cloudtact will send them invitations on their email addresses to join you in using the Cloudtact. The next step is of syncing your Cloudtact contacts to your device. You will get multiple options for selecting the device for syncing like iPhone, iPad, android, Gmail, or Mac. Besides these devices, Cloudtact also supports syncing with Hotmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

That’s why; if you have a Cloudtact profile then you don’t have to worry while getting a new home phone number or a new email id. Just put on the info in your Cloudtact profile and this new contact info will be reflected across all address books that you have synced with. Moreover, even if your phone or laptop is lost or you have bought a new device, your address book will always remain with you. You can easily get back all your contacts and addresses online with your new device. This service is totally free for syncing up to 25 contacts. If you wish to sync more than 25 contacts then you have to upgrade your account to a Premium account which will charge you only $9 per 1 year.

On becoming a Premium account holder, you can sync up to 5000 contacts. You can even group your contacts and see a history of changes made to your contacts. Moreover, you can export the contacts to Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, or Hotmail. So, make use of this amazing web tool and change the way you manage contacts.


  • Manage your address book contacts online
  • Instantly updates the contact details in your address book
  • If you change your contact info, the address book of your friends/colleagues will be automatically updated
  • It can sync multiple address books at a time
  • People who lose their laptops or phones not lose their address book
  • The service is absolutely free for syncing 25 contacts


  • Cloudtact updates the contact info only among the people who are connected through this site and not everyone who are in the user’s address book
  • For syncing more than 25 contacts, you have to pay $9 per year
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