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BrightNest.com: Personalize Home Maintenance in Better way

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With the time, everything needs freshening up…whether it’s your home, cottage or car…. From these all things, home needs good caretakers otherwise it become ruined in a short-time due to weather conditions, temperatures, aging, and also human abuse. Keeping track of the entire things one should do around the house has become really painful for us and we all know this very well. At present, we can keep track of our family, friends, calendar and finances online at the cloud…then why not our home? When we have great choice as BrightNest.com! If you are finding the place for keeping track of your home maintenance including everything from regular cleaning to repairs and replacements, then your searching would be surely finished at Brightnest.com, which offers complete home improvement web guidelines for even the most clueless. It allows users to keep track of their home inventory, paint colors, scheduled maintenance, reminds you when work should be done and everything at single place.

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BrightNest.com: Personalize Home Maintenance in Better way

Owning or buying home means altering filters, mowing lawns, and washing floors from time to time, etc….when these all tasks being too overwhelming, you should take a turn over to BrightNest, which is able to keep your home healthy and safe. A personal organization tool can be used for keeping focused on living space and managing the maintenance and cleaning of your home. You can create to-do lists, annual maintenance schedules, emergency service contact numbers and also invite other members of the household to join the account and also get to-do lists.

BrightNest has been formed in October 2011 by home-building expert Allen Shulman and technology expert Justin Anthony. It is specially designed for homeowners to manage home repair and maintenance in an unbiased environment. They offer BrightNest services at free of cost that help homeowners by giving customized tips, weekly reminders and bit by bit commands on how to take care of their home. It gives three simple and helpful features including Homefolio, Expert Tips & Tricks and Relevant Reminders.

Usually, home maintenance is not on the top in our list of fun weekend activities, people know it very well, so they always find the information about how to take good care of their house. But here you can diminish your search, because it gives you what, when, why and how instructions on home maintenance in one easy-to-navigate space as well as send weekly “to-do’s” to your dashboard and Inbox. This service makes BrightNest great, brilliant and logical site as well different from others.

It has been established as recommendation engine that sends customized content to each user. Moreover, it also provides data like climate and time of year to assist curate the tasks you will need to do. It enables users to add data about location, house type, and even family and pets. It is one of the simplest and best way to stay in touch with customers year-round as well provide them more helpful expert recommendation, that can facilitate to maintain or even improve their home’s value and make it a better, safer and happier place to live. Currently, many useful posts are posted on the website’s blog like how to clean stainless steel or porcelain sink, etc.

Save money, be healthy, be green!!!! Whatever your goals, BrightNest helps users with numerous projects and gives ability to add their to-do list. To do any task on the BrightNest.com, you have to create an account by providing first and last name, email address, password and optional gender as well give answers of some basic questions about your home’s size and features like number of stories, bedrooms and bathrooms, home amenities and systems, and family members.

As soon as you register on the site, it will provide customized list of “MUST DO” projects…from which you can view all the tasks in a calendar interface to get a good sense of what’s coming up for the month. With the “GOOD TO DO” tab, homeowners can get few upkeeping activities recommendation for different parts of their home, from window treatments to lawn and garden and also money saving tips. It also enables users to access upcoming to do’s of site.

Each task is available on separate page including with the details of what equipments you need, step-by-step guide on how to do the task and links for extra resources. You are enabled to tailor your home according to your tastes via BrightNest’s do-it-yourself projects. It gives chance to utilize your creative skills for improving appearance of home. In Homefolio area, you can get major home details, such as paint colors and the size of your air filter, owner’s manuals, add your own projects, as well as assign DIY tasks to your spouse or partner. User can use Homefolio area for listing phone number of repairmen, or getting customized tips for your home, etc.

Appliance manuals can be accessed and searched through the site’s library section by brand and model number. It also gives tips and recommendations for maintaining virtually all parts of your home. Property Overview gives details of house name, address details and members. Members of the sites get email about home maintenance on a regular basis.

All in all, it is completely free as well best place for opting all your home maintenance and repair information under one roof. One of the best things of the site is that it can be used for marketing purpose. No matter, whether you want to save money or make your home safe or add some spice to your space, it is best place for everything. It also offers separate platform for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents and others in the real estate industry members to use the site for business purpose. BrightNest Professional is not free service…it takes little charges for subscription.

Good points:

  • Free to use
  • Most useful for home owners
  • Store your entire electrical device handbook online
  • Create to-do list for future tasks that you want to complete at a time
  • Realtors can use for marketing purposes
  • You can give complete details of your home for obtaining more benefits of BrightNest
  • Gives “Homefolio” section for storing paint colors and appliance details
  • Browse lists of home tips, and then add them to a checklist
  • You can access must to do, good to do, or upcoming to do
  • Each task is available on separate page with complete equipments detail, step-by-step guide, or further more resources links

Bad points:

  • Registration must be required
  • BrightNest Professional takes little charges for subscription

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