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Zorpia.com – Share Photos and Make Friends on Zorpia

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Zorpia is a global social networking site, similar to facebook, where you can enjoy much greater services. An online chat community, Zorpia make believe to be the online, which is the place for you and your friends. Photo album, online journal, social networking, customized homepage, comment system and discussion forum are its primary features.

www.Zorpia.com - Share Photos and Make Friends on Zorpia

With an aim of bringing people together from all over the world, Zorpia was established in 2003 by Jeffrey Ng and it allows people to share their ideas and interests. Jeffrey Ng with a team of diligent individuals operate the company. Since then the Zorpia Team has worked ceaselessly to reach heart of people and provide the best features in order to maximize its users’ satisfaction. Zorpia is headquartered at Hong Kong, China. However, Zorpia is planning to open new branches in mainland China, US, UK, Australia and many other countries as it grows bigger.

Features of Www.Zorpia.com:

  • Upload unlimited Photos
  • Post/share your Journals online
  • Interact and meet friends from different countries
  • Join in online Forum discussions
  • Add unlimited songs to your profile from our Music section
  • Upload Videos to your collections
  • Share and read stories in our Gossip section
  • Get connected with Private Messaging
  • Join/create your own Group
  • Great way to customize & make themes for your page
  • Keep track of your friends’ activities with our News and Alerts
  • Post upcoming gigs/party/celebration in your Events
  • Music feature for talented zorpians and artists

Zorpia has unique features such as profile customization, a fair selection of networking features and an incredibly detailed search. Users can choose from the huge collection of music videos and also interact with artists or make friends. Upload video, photos, journals and albums with restricted viewing. Users can buy a Royal Membership for extra networking options such as an ad–free profile, extra profile design features and unlimited messaging.

How to become a member?

Www.Zorpia.com is free of charge. User must be at least 16 years old to become a member. In order to join Zorpia chat community, users have to sign up by providing some personal information and preferences, after logging in, users can create their profile and upload their photo. After becoming a member they can upload many videos, photos, music and see who is online. Other users will be allowed to see their profile and some of them might leave comments on the guestbook, users can also see other people’s profile and post their comments. This dynamic is intended to meet people and share interest. There are also plenty of chat groups, users can browse their chat room by location or by topic and they can also create their own group.

How do log in at Www.Zorpia.com?

Your Log In status will be displayed in the top right corner of each page. If you are already logged in, your username will appear on top right corner of the page. For logging In:

  • Visit Www.Zorpia.com. In Zorpia front page, click Log In at the top right corner of the screen or simply enter username, password and the 4-digit login code on the username, password and code field boxes
  • Check the box “Keep me logged in” if you want to be automatically logged in every time you visit Zorpia. Your computer must accept cookies in order for this function to work
  • Click Log In button.

Source: http://in.zorpia.com/

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  1. New site says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the detailed informations about Zorpia. My friend tell about this few days before and suggest me to join zorpia but i don’t know detail about zorpia but after reading your blog i actually know what zorpia is.Now i am planning to join zorpia very soon and take advantage of features of zorpia. I love making friends which are long lasting and special.I hope after using zorpia i will get such friends.I really appreciate its features.

    Thank You
    New Site

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  2. anup chauhan says:

    thans zorpia to meet my friends

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  3. Ancsa says:

    Hi,I have been winoerdng where all of my profile pictures have gone. My main profile photo will stay put, but when I go into the album, there appears to be no photos in the album’. I’d love some help with this if I could One of the photos is of my and my late Mum which I don’t have a copy of and I’d really love to get it back!Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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