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Vectorportal.com: Free Vector Graphics & Images

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With huge database of free vector files, Vectorportal.com is offered under Creative Commons Attribution License. For commercial and personal projects, artworks are free to use. Vectorportal has continuously got popularity in graphic design community during 5 years of existence. Professional designers have used designs of Vectorportal for creation of ads, flyers, dvd labels, TV commercials, banners, business cards, book covers and logotypes around the world. Vectorportal continue to expand its database of free vector artwork every day for the benefit of international graphic design community.

www.vectorportal.com: Free Vector Graphics & Images

When you visit the website www.vectorportal.com, you will see the navigation such as “Stock Vectors”, “Extras”, “Templates”, “Logo Objects”, “Sport Logos”, “Flags”, “Maps”, “coat of Arms”, “Symbols”, “Sets”, “Guidelines”, “Resources” at the top of the home page. You will see the “Search” option at the right hand side. Images are categorized into a variety of categories, by entering a keyword into the search bar, you can also search the image. You can see the latest updates of vectors at the home page and download the vectors.

Types of Stock Vectors:

  • Backgrounds
  • Banners
  • Beams and Bursts
  • Monochrome Vectors
  • Optical Elements
  • Shapes
  • Silhouettes
  • Sketches
  • Stock Vectors
  • Tribal Vectors
  • Vector Clipart
  • Vector Grunge
  • Vector Icons


  • All vectors on the site free to use for whatever purpose
  • Visitors can submit their own vectors
  • More than 3 million vectors
  • User friendly layout
  • Similar tools: The-Blueprints, AutoTracer, SeekLogo and Magnigraph.

If you want to contribute to Vectorportal and offer your vector artwork to its community of graphic designers then send it to webmaster@vectorportal.com. Remember that Vectorportal offers artwork under Creative Commons Attribution License by which users are allowed to freely use artwork for their designs. All artwork that you send to it will be offered under this license.

On Vectorportal, the vast majority of vector images are saved in older version of .ai or .eps format, most commonly in Adobe Illustrator version 8,9,10 and CS and EPS version 10. You can post request on Vectorportal Forum in “Vectorize/Convert This” section, if that is still not old enough for the software installed on your computer and you can not open the image. If you can not open Vectorportal file, then its some members will convert the file for you and send it in version you request.

Vectorportal content is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. If you give credit to the original author, then this is very liberal license agreement which gives you right to copy, distribute, modify, share and adapt work. “Give attribution where applicable”,is for giving credit to Vectorportal.

For beginners at illustrator , Vectorportal is very good resource for sample files. You can edit and use its components by un-grouping objects in illustrator.  Most of these commands are situated in Object Menu. Here are few advices on potential problems with editing of Vectorportal files.

During the process of Vectorization, many monochrome images on Vectorportal are cleaned from debris created. The user can face a problem when changing color of the image. The monochrome image should be filled with only one color in perfect situation and the user should be able to easily change color. There are some images that consist of both black and white objects. In this case you have to delete white objects. For that:

Choose Group Selection Tool (white arrow with +) and select any area of the image that is filled with white color. Now go to Select > Same > Fill Color. Click delete and select whole image and go to Objects > Group. Click on the image with Selection Tool and change color.

Source: www.vectorportal.com/stockvectors

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