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put.io – Online Storage for your audio, docs, videos & images

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For today’s generation of online media consumers, www.put.io is like a modern-day Napster with a structure that supports one-to-may exchanges of media files. It is a new online storage service that removes the process of uploading files to a server, It is most time consuming process. It fetches them from their sources and placing them in your online space(Folders). Put.io offers some features, namely the ability to bring files from many places (e.g. bittorrent, FTP, direct downloads, RapidShare and http authenticated links). As the site fetches media files and allows you stream them immediately, you can employ it to stream video, listen to your music and share your library with friends.

www.put.io – Online Storage for your audio, docs, videos & images

The service provided by site was in beta for the last 6 months. They are now available with plan prices. On-going subscription plans start at $4.99 per month. It comes with 10Gb of storage space and 10Gb of bandwidth.  An account with 50Gb costs $9.90 and the 100GB Premium plan costs $19.90. If you require more bandwidth, then you can buy extra traffic for 10 cents per 1Gb.

Put.io also offers you to shift files in the Bittorrent, FTP, direct links or RapidShare to your account and convert them ready to be use or shared with your friends. Also, you can check RSS feeds and download your favorite content automatically.

Users who have some files over there can access them using any computer, iPhone, PS3. The service is also accessible for iPhone users via the mobile version. iPhone users can convert videos to MP4 format for usage.

The download performance of the service is higher than home connections as it works totally on the server side. At Put.io, you can download 700 MB files in a few minutes and watch them online. Put.io has a certain number of slots available due to the project’s exceptionally high hardware and bandwidth requirements. You can see the announcements of newly available slots on their twitter profile.

www.put.io - Online Storage for your audio, docs, videos & images

With just a few clicks, you can download torrent files and Put.io takes care of the download through their connection. As the download is finished, users can transfer it to their computer, or stream it directly from the remote server in case of video file. The user interface and design of the site is instinctive and easy to use. There could be degradation in performance when more people join and the load on the servers go up.

Features of put.io:

  • Fetch files from many source:
    • Can get files from many online storage like torrent, direct download and even paysite.
  • Fetch faster:
    • Put.io servers are connected with gigabit lines, They can download faster than home computers.
  • Share the wealth:
    • Also, Users can share multiple  files and download all files at a time from share folders.
  • Store your files safely:
    • To keep your files safe, put.io goes out its way. From anywhere, you can access your files with anything that supports a browser like an iPhone or PS3.
  • Start streaming instantly:
    • They will find the appropriate player to make it immediately consumable after the arrival of your files. Such as, DivX files are streamed through the Divx Web Player.
  • Download speeds:
    • Put.io requires good download speeds. You can check your download speed by downloading sample 100 MB file from their server.streaming videos requires more than 140 kbps to view uninterrupted. Otherwise you can use a proxy in Germany for better speeds.
  • Automatic download from RSS feeds:
    • Your favorite sources will be observed by them and then they download the new content like music, torrent and other files automatically.
  • Concurrent downloads:
    • Only when load is high, there is a 3 active concurrent download limit imposed.
  • Single file size limit:
    • Up to 20GB’s, files are safely handled but this is not the limit of the whole transfer, only a single file inside the transfer.
  • Convert to mp4 for ipod users:
    • You can convert all media files to MP4 format for your mobile.
  • Continuous playback
    • Users can play all the tracks in a folder continuously.

Their future plans include sharing files by email, creating their own online VLC based player plug-in and generally making more sources to download from and support for more formats.

Source: http://put.io

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