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Picturetrail.com: Online Photo Albums, Share Photos, Image Hosting

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www.Picturetrail.com website allows the users to personalize their pictures, adding glitter, texts and even caricaturize them. Users can also include graphics for each album, picture borders and page backgrounds.

www.Picturetrail.com: Online Photo Albums, Share Photos, Image Hosting

The Site was launched on Saturday, 18 December 1999; currently this site accommodates over 3 million visitors per month with over a four million accounts on its system. Members and visitors of this site can share photos, host images; order prints and utilizes other options accessible through the top photo sharing sites. Highly customizable member profile pages and many popular options for community interaction are included in Picture Trail feature. Flash-based slideshows of Picture trail are known as “Photo Flicks”. You can customize it from dozens of unique designs, with options for captions, speed control and color selection. Online stylizing of images is offered by its “Bling Maker”. Its “Adopt a Pet” offers a custom, interactive “virtual pet” for member accounts.

Sharing Photos:

  • Click on the navigation ‘share photo’ on picturetrail.com.
  • Then you have to register for a free account and log onto the members area and perform the following:
  • Click on the Upload Picture option and Upload Picture page will be displayed.
  • To upload your PictureTrail account, you will be impelled to select photo image files from your computer by Upload Picture page.
  • After selecting the image files you want to upload it, click on the Upload Picture Now button. This will shift the image files from your computer to upload to your PictureTrail account.
  • After completing the image transfer, click on the Picture Inbox link. You will be allowed to view the image files you just uploaded to your account by Picture Inbox link and also allow to move the uploaded files from the Inbox to the albums of your choice within your account.
  • Your friends and family will be able to view the photo images, once it has been moved to your albums, at the following web address: http://www.picturetrail.com/YOURUSERNAME.

Online Photo Albums:

  • The users can open an online photo sharing account at PictureTrail.com.
  • Use the picture uploader included in this program to upload images to your account.
  • The picture uploader provides on-the-fly file compression to speed up the upload process.
  • Quickly browse through the folders containing your JPEG images.
  • The program supports file copy, delete and move, as well as file rename in batch mode.

Image Hosting:

Image hosting provided by PictureTrail is steady and reliable and it enables you to post your uploaded images to other websites like Ebay, Myspace, bulletin boards, web journals, etc. It is especially popular with ebay users because it has a simple interface for image URLs and a reliable service that you can count on.

  • Click on the navigation ‘Image Hosting’. If you are the member of PictureTrail then there is no need to register once again. The upload images option will be displayed.
  • There is option of ‘Upload images to’, where you can select my albums and any other option from dropdown menu. You can upload five images at a time.
  • Then click on the ‘Upload Pics Now’ button.
  • After clicking on the Upload Pics Now button, Get Image URLs page will be displayed. This page lists each photo with the URL of that photo next to it.
  • Then Post to your web page will be displayed. Copy and paste the URLs to the website you want to post images to. The images will then automatically be shown up on the other website.

How to be a member of Www.Picturetrail.com?

  • The membership of this site is absolutely free of cost.
  • There is an option of ‘free sign up’, click on this option. Then yes, please sign me up for a free account is given on this page.
  • Fill the information to create an account.
  • Then click the button given below, ‘Submit Registration’.
  • And then you will become the member of it.
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