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Mytinyphone.com – Download Free Ringtones, Themes & Wallpapers

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Mytinyphone.com is easy and speedy online place to find and download free new updated ringtones, themes & wallpapers for your mobile. There are large numbers of ringtones, wallpapers, themes integrated at this website. The website has 1531 members from India. The visitor can download without paying any hidden charges or subscription charges. You can also simply upload and create your own phone wallpapers, ringtones, videos, and send them on your mobile or share with other members.

www.Mytinyphone.com - Download Free Ringtones, Themes & Wallpapers

Mytinyphone.com has easy and convenience navigation to download or upload. On the upper side of the website, you can see the nine navigations including home, ringtone, wallpapers, themes, games, applications, create content, community, and blog. There are more than 800,000 ringtones, more than 300,000 wallpapers, and more than 850,000 members available for downloading on the website.

You can also register at this website and will become a member of Mytinyphone.com. The members can make their own ringtones, videos, phone wallpapers and then uploading and sharing them to other members and friends. The ringtones, phone wallpapers, and themes etc are given category wise. So the visitors can find their favorite ringtone and wallpaper. You can also download wallpapers, ringtones, and themes by selecting your phones from the provided phone list including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Kyocera, Apple iPhone. Here you can also download as carrier basis. At the center part of the homepage, top wallpapers, themes, featured wallpapers, and top games are mentioned. You can make your own ringtones and wallpapers, send ringtones, wallpapers, and videos, share ringtones, wallpapers, and videos with others without charge. Other features include making ringtones using Youtube videos by just following few simple steps. To send ringtone/wallpaper/video/theme to your phone from Mytinyphone.com :

  • Select any ringtone/wallpaper/video/theme which you want to send from the Mytinyphone.com.
  • Select your carrier from the list
  • Enter your phone number
  • Choose whether you want to send it as a web link or as an attachment.
  • Click “Send” and wait for few minutes to arrive the message.
  • When you have arrived the message, click on the link starting with http://wap.mytinyphone.com/ and you will be prompted to download the file.
  • Accept the file and save it to your mobile.
  • As default you can set the ringtone/wallpaper/theme on your mobile.

According to some members, they are experiencing ringtone download limits in which the site would not allow them download any more content which after a couple of downloads. And some ringtones has blurry sound.

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