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ScamBook.com – A Portal to Share Scams & Read Shared Scams

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A scam is a dishonest attempt in which a person may be financially cheated or one party does not fulfill the promise or some one has not kept their word. We all have experienced it in one or the other way in today’s world since people are becoming selfish day-by-day and to get their desired things they do legal or illegal things. Here comes the role of ScamBook.com, whose main aim is to discontinue the deeds of scammers and different types of corrupt people out there. A wonderful portal, ScamBook.com is a place to share scams as well as read shared scams.

ScamBook.com - A Portal to Share Scams & Read Shared Scams

Share with your social network about the latest scams through the Scambook.com that has been created by attorneys at Edelson McGuire, a foremost consumer class action law firm. At ScamBook, they immediately connect your scams with the country’s top consumer attorneys to provide you a fighting opportunity in receiving your money back. There is strength in numbers; hence Scambook tries to assist offer that strength.

How it works?

5 major types of scams are available on the site – false advertising, bait & switch maneuver, mobile or social scam, defective product or warranty scam, and unauthorized credit card charge. If your scam does not come in any of the above category, then you can go for ‘Other scams’ option. After selecting it, fill out the report form by entering Company Name that scammed you, Monetary damages (total lost in USD), date of which the scam occurred, and then tell them the information of what happened with you. Until certain evidence is gathered whatever you post on the site is going to stay as an unproven claim. What you have posted will turn into a confirmed claim when evidence is collected so that people can know that the person you reported is definitely a crook and also obtain a chance to start fighting to receive your money back.


  • Share Scams that happened with you & read Shared Scams to get clear cut idea whether to make a deal with that company or not.
  • Don’t require registration.
  • You can browse scambook reports.
  • Company wise see the scams reported.
  • Connects people who are upset regarding how they’ve been treated by a company – with the people or entities that care most for helping you.
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