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Nma.tv – Animated News & Funny Videos

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Nma.tv is a website of Next Media Animation, a division of Chinese-language media conglomerate Next Media Limited, which is purposed towards making CGI-animated, amusing re-enactments of current news stories. NMA is luminous at the ironic side of things, and the website has very small content that addresses Asian news and does chiefly make fun of western news events. Read on to know detailed description regarding Nma.tv website.

Nma.tv - Animated News & Funny Videos

Next Media Animation was in progress for 2 years, organizing the studio to be prepared to react to the news in real time. Next Media Animation is also a publisher of Apple Daily and Next Magazine in Hong Kong and Taiwan. When the public’s imagination was first captured by the Next Media Animation team with Tiger Woods clip, it was thought by a few that the footage was based on famous video game series “The Sims”. The animated models do seem recognizable. In creating highly-figurative, comedic depictions of recent events that are narrated in Mandarin and consequently subtitled in English, the studio chiefly specializes.

In Taiwan its videos have run into dispute, where Next Media has faced conflict from the broadcasting authorities. In 2010, the studio has achieved infamy outside the Chinese-language demographic, starting with a re-enactment of the revelations of Tiger Woods’ extramarital affairs that received spotlight in Western media. Also it has received infamy for an ongoing online video “feud” among the studio and Conan O’Brien. Apple Daily, one of the Next Media’s newspapers, was also prohibited for a time in Taipei’s schools and libraries.


When you visit the site, you will see various topics on the top that include 2010 elections, Barackobama, Celebrity, China, Crime, Dead, Love cheats, Perverts, Sex, Sports, Taiwan, Travel, UK, US and Weather Girls. Exactly on the center of the page, see scrolling images of the latest videos and just under it view several recent videos.

You can follow them on twitter, youtube, tumblr or RSS. You can also login in to Facebook to like Next Media Animation TV. These options are mentioned on the left side of the homepage. When you go downwards on the website, you will find contact details and link for going on their corporate website and corporate profile.

On corporate website (http://nma.com.tw/), read animated news delivered to you by website operators, TV news directors, and filmmakers. For TV news and websites around the world, Next Media Animation creates daily multi-colored, striking and instructive animated graphics. All the top breaking stories are tackled by their speedy, precise and engaging animations and they are also available free for a limited time. To ready-to-use transmit quality animation; you can now sign up for access.

On corporate profile (http://nma.com.tw/profile.aspx), you can check out their products included like animated news, televised shorts, television programming, commercials, feature films, corporate animation and 3D modeling.

In Asia Next Media Animation is the full-service 3D animation studio and they supply animation-to-order to some of the leading entertainment and news providers across the world. They take innovative ideas and make them a reality from concept to story board to 3D modeling to production – offered all under one roof.

Contact details:

  • In New York City, Mark Simon, 1-973-722-3838
  • In Taipei, Michael Logan, (886) 988-127-613

Source: http://www.nma.tv

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