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mulve.com – Search & Download Mp3 Music

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Mulve.com is a new place or website to download music. On mulve.com, you can search & download Mp3 music without any charge, once you download the light (1.8 MB) Mulve application.

mulve.com - Search & Download Mp3 Music

Mulve is just a program. They wanted to bring you something after years of development that you would enjoy loading up, something that was not for personal gain or for money and could run flawlessly without much momentary hiccup. Something would prove to be a monumental breakthrough in terms of music discovery.

The speed of download is very impressive and it will usually max out your home internet connection: individual songs will be downloaded in as little as 4 seconds (a 5MB file on a 10Mbit line will finish in less than 5 seconds in most cases).

You are allowed to download music directly and without risks, from a selection of over 10 millions MP3s and unreleased songs and download the songs that you are interested in, with a simple but efficient music search engine. A very plain and simple interface is offered in program. Type your search query and pick from the list of results in which the song title, artist name, length, site and bitrate information is included.

Mulve is dissimilar than most other music downloaders because P2P is not used in any sharing. In program, there is no installation required.

The Mulve music download software:

The program’s interface is pretty basic but it is nevertheless efficient. A wealth of results are brought up by Searches for just about any song that cases lead to high quality MP3s, right up to 320kbs in many cases.

Transfers are so quick that there is hardly any time to max out your connection with a download which doesn’t really get much better than that.

A small .exe program does not need to be installed or configured as well as there is no registration. Viruses, trojan or malware of any sort are also not seemed. It connects to a cloud of servers hosting music files.

Plus, it does not use peer-to-peer networks and FTP servers do not force users to exchange their IP adresses or share their music files.

Mulve is like LimeWire not a shared-folder type application and it is not based around BitTorrent. It is not a Google-search type application pulling MP3s off open directories on websites either. There is no sharing in any way and files seem to come directly from servers designed for the job.

It means anti-P2P companies can not track users downloading music with Mulve as they are doing no uploading.

Source: http://mulve.com

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