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Min.us – Create and Share Galleries Online

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One of the excellent online web services, Min.us provides very simple way to create and share galleries online with your friends or else. Min.us is a photo sharing software from which you can drag and drop pictures, videos, documents, music, other misc files, etc. on the website, and then for sharing rest will be done automatically by nice drag-n-drop sharing system.

Min.us - Create and Share Galleries Online

Those who want to share images associated with any particular event or want to make sure that such a gallery will be available by everyone for free then just visit Min.us. For going with its name, this website is pertinently designed that conforms to an easy equation – Work + Min.us = Almost No Work.

Beginning of Min.us

Carl Hu and John Xie wanted to present the simplest probable sharing service. Both met in Boston in September 2010 and their ideas began bouncing off of each other so they decided to create Minus. Then Minus was established in October 2010.

What is Minus?

Minus helps to share pictures online with drag drop sharing system. There is no need to create an account to create and share image galleries. To start begin sharing, Minus permits you to drag files from your desktop and folders straightforwardly to your browser. At Min.us, photos are kept indefinitely except they are deleted by the uploader and uploading them is very simple. Jpeg, Gif, Png, Apng, And Bmp are the supported image types. At present, all major browsers are supported but it is recommended to use Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome and Safari for Mac for best experience.

Min.us – Create and Share Galleries Online

When you visit Min.us website, you will see that website looks very simple yet attractive with just two colors. On the left top corner, view logo of minus. Exactly on the center of the homepage, it is written that “Minus helps you create and share galleries online. Drag your pictures onto this page, and we’ll do the rest”.

Now go on the bottom of the page. Find v1.13, about, blog, extras, faq, terms, feedback, and contact details. My galleries and sign in option are mentioned on the bottom right corner. Press on any option given above to get its further information.

Step-by-step / Process for working with Minus:

First of all you have to drag images from your desktop and folders onto the page to initiate using Minus. Within very less time, automatically a new gallery will be created for you. Now with the Editor link, you can save and manage your gallery, then to browse through your gallery’s images at any time use the left and right arrows.

See on the top right Untitled button, press it to name your recently created gallery. Dragging picture titles around permits you to alter the order in which they come into view in your gallery.

To attach and eradicate pictures is very simple from your gallery. For attaching it, just carry on dragging them onto your gallery page. By pressing on the image’s X-icon, independently remove images or using the Trash icon erase the whole gallery.

By just passing out your Viewer link, you can share a gallery with others. If you desire to share a single image and not the entire gallery then also there is a Direct Image link provided.

Over 50 photographs can be hold by individual galleries. The maximum file size presently that can be uploaded is 7MB per image. All the images are kept everlastingly, except uploaded user deletes images. Unlimited number of galleries can be created by any individual.

Contact details

You can contact them if you have any query related to press inquiries, business development, feature requests, bug reports, partnerships and image removals by filling up the form, tweet to @mindotus or email them at info@min.us.

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