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ifile.it – Multimedia Files Upload & storage service

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Now, people can upload multimedia files to online file storage service from iFile.it, which provides free file space. Ifile.it gives a single file 150MB 250MB of space to upload files. To upload files, per files, registered and guest users get 300MB file space. People can upload many files, but with a total capacity of more than one file can not be limited.

ifile.it - Multimedia Files Upload & storage service

ifile.it provides free space service from the beginning of  2006 and currently more than 5000 people are using this site. On the whole site pretty good speed, interface and Chinese support, although this is the first time the use of free space can be easily handcuffed. In addition, iFile.it and mihd.net must be collaboration between the two sites accustomed to upload the program must be the same; the difference is that the host is situated in the United States and the former West, and the latter in the eastern United States.

ifile.it is very simple site where you will upload any files without registering in the site. But if you do register in the site, you will get many new benefits and service from ifile.it. If you registered in the site, you can download files faster than guest users. From this, you can also download accelerators such as FlashGet. Every download ticket expires after 24 hours.

Upload file size limits

  • For Guest users: 300MB per file
  • Free Registered User: 300MB! Per file
  • If uploading up to one file, the limit is per file, not the total
  • These limits are subject to change, they used to have higher limits but it seems uploading / downloading very large files over HTTP is an unreliable process and its hard to make any guarantees above 100MB
  • Premium accounts will probably have a higher upload file size, but not yet available

The File storage time

  • For Guest users, the file will be downloaded within 30 days after the deleted one.
  • File less than 100MB, no one within 90 days after the download to delete.
  • Files larger than 100MB, no one within 30 days after the download to delete
  • Files above 200MB, no one within 25 days after the last download to delete

How to download file from the ifile.it?

ifile.it do not take so many time to download file.

  • To upload files, first of all copy the link in the share to others, they will be able to download the file.
  • Enter the download page, click on the link Request Ticket (Other ads are Oh!)
  • Download will be followed by the words, then click to download the file.

How to register in the ifile.it?

To avail more features and faster downloads, users need to register in the site, for registration, open ‘create a free account’ which is situated on top right side, where enter username, password and email address what you want and click on ‘submit’ and get account verified email on your email address. When you register in the site, you will get more navigation at top left side including upload, browse, search, and tools.

From the upload section, you can upload any file by selecting it. At browse page, you can create different types of folders to get, share and upload files very easily. ifile.it gives search section to search any thing. For registered users, site provides more tools such as api, classic upload, filelist exporter, link checker, link copier, and new file importer.

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