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HearFromMe.com – Share your memories with coming generations

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Have any message to share in future? Visit HearFromMe.com, it lets you schedule video, written, audio or photo message, which would be delivered to your intended receiver right on your determined time after long term storage. So, be alive in memories, forever…

One day… we will take our depart, passing on all our belongings to the next generation. We can’t live forever, but memories can last forever. Many of us want to share our feelings, emotions, excitements, and joy after our final take off from this world, because memories are things that can continue our existence even in our absence. How you feel on getting any message from your beloved, who are no more or who is not around you? You can’t express this in words. Give your big Thanks to HearFromMe.com, as this site can preserve – all those happy moments that are captured in photos, our best wishes to the loved ones, our excitements on their achievements, our joy on their victory, all precious memories – for long term and lets you schedule them for delivering at your selected time in the future. It’s really amazing! Here, you are allowed to create message in text, video files, audio files, photographs, or documents; and they are called Digital Time Capsules. Point for pleasure is that your created content is safely stored for long term and delivered at your intended time, without fail. HearFromme website reviews along with the complete details of the site are given below, just go through and get chance to amaze your children, your partner, your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, or anybody connected to you, with future surprises!

Share your memories with next generations

HearFromMe is kind of postdated email service but offers beyond the capabilities of other digital storage and delivery companies. It is used to make your someone special’s big day….more special. Suppose your daughter/grand daughter is going to complete her 16 years on coming Birthday, here scheduling delivery of special message for her big-day may surprise her with all wonders! Even, your loving husband can surprise you by scheduling delivery of your updating wedding albums on your 50th anniversary.

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There are some parents, who enjoy collecting their children’s elementary school pictures, videos of events, class work, report cards also refrigerator art. These things are most valuable for them. Here, HearFromMe allows them to make their children’s achievement even bigger, by scheduling delivery of all such memory stuff on their graduation day. Sudden look on such early days memories brings notable expression on their face.

Our grand parents want to share a lot with us, but life has its own limit. No more, HearFromMe helps strengthen bounding between grandparents and grandchildren, letting them share all that which they can’t share in person. Now, they can schedule all those bed time stories, experiences of their life, their journals, views, and advices; so that their little ones will get them on their special occasions.

Make your reunions memorable one, by scheduling all your event photographs, achievements, get together party moments, and trip enjoyments, etc. to your friends or colleagues. Even, there are some mature use of HearFromMe. In case, anyone is going to die because of serious illness…he/she can schedule their final goodbye messages for the loved ones. Also, some caring women schedule commonly forgotten things like how to set the sprinklers, how to change the A/C filters, etc. so that family has no confusions in their absence. Similarly, some create Digital Time Capsule filling all of their account information and on-line user names and passwords to avoid all inconveniences created after death.

HearFromMe is not a one sided, as receivers of Digital Time Capsule are really delighted on getting surprises sent by their special ones. They feel very nice on getting such a warm wishes and price-less gifts without expectations. HearFromMe offers really heart touching moments, a son with no father, feels sensitively on getting video message of her father that he scheduled for his son on his graduation day. Some children will get birthday message on every birth-day from their late parents, who scheduled message with full trust on HearFromMe.

HearFromMe is a revolutionary way of sharing. Here, people who scheduled message have the assurance that their words, thoughts, emotions, and ideas will be seen and heard by the intended receiver. All your content you want to send is formed in Digital Time Capsule. It is very safe storage, what’s more, you can create Digital Time Capsule easily. On the welcome page, you are provided with all useful tabs like How HearFromMe works, Uses, Pricing, FAQs, Contact Us and Blog.

How HearFromMe works is a 4 steps process. Decide who and when ( Setting up your digital time capsules); Make sure it gets there ( Add trustee for more assurance) ; Build the experience (Add content to your digital time capsules) and The gifts get delivered ( It’s there digital time capsules now).

Your first step is to decide receiver for whom you want to prepare this wonderful gift. It would be your family member, friend, colleague, partner, or anyone else. Then, select the date on which you want it delivered electronically. If you are uncertain of a delivery date, don’t get confused. You are allowed to add or change the date at anytime.

Future is unpredictable. Considering this, you are allowed to invite close friends or loved ones to be trustees, who can manage the delivery of your Digital Time Capsules on your behalf in case you are unable to do so. Inviting Trustees is simple. Just enter their name and email address and email with instructions is sent to them automatically.

No…no compromise with your privacy, as your trustees have no access to the content of your Digital Time Capsules also will not be able to access anything from your Digital Time Capsules. It is only you, who are allowed to access all content of your Digital Time Capsules prior to delivery.
Now, it’s time to set up your Digital Time Capsule. It can be filled with HD videos, Audio Messages, Photos, Text and Documents. Even, you are facilitated with Resource Center, which contains writing guidelines and samples, spreadsheets, check lists, and more to help you create the best content for your Digital Time Capsules. It’s very easy to add content, just follow the onscreen instructions. Also, you can make any changes prior to the delivery date.

Another best thing is that all your Digital Time Capsule content will be updated automatically to the most current format so that receiver can see it in right way. It is good that Digital Time Capsule has been delivered with simple instructions on how to securely access them. In case, Receiver do not open the Digital Time Capsule right away, HearFromMe will continue to send periodic emails as a reminder.

FAQs section is given to solve your all queries. Sorry to say that HearFromMe is not a free service, its one-time cost ranges from $14.95 to $89.95 based on the number of Digital Time Capsules you want to purchase. You can get all information about its different packages right on Pricing page. You can purchase right one over there or Buy now option is given on the welcome page for your direct purchase. Contact Us page is filled with complete information that helps you connect with the site hassle free. If you are interested to make Digital Time Capsules a great gift, just click on “Give as a Gift” icon on top of the page.

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