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ChannelNewsAsia.com – Latest News of Singapore & Asia

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Www.channelnewsasia.com is the official website of the CNA which stands for Channel News Asia. It is an English language pan-Asian news network which provides best news in Asia and Singapore region.  It was established in 1999 and owned by MediaCorp. It is one of the major Asian news broadcaster that broadcasts to over 10 Asian countries and territories. Channel News Asia Not only provides the latest news but also it shows the stories behind the headlines.

ChannelNewsAsia.com - Latest News of Singapore & Asia

ChannelNewsAsia provides news and current affairs content in four languages, English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese. News and current affairs are produced for MediaCorp’s television and online platforms, like mass entertainment Channels 5, 8, U, and niche language channels, Vasantham and Suria. With the most complete range of platforms, spanning television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, digital and out-of-home media, MediaCorp is considered as the leading Singapore media company.

Channel NewsAsia also has its official website (www.channelnewsasia.com) through which it provides real time news, videos, information and other entertainment features.  This includes programmes that use Mandarin, Japanese or Korean as their main language. Another feature is it closes news networks for around 3 hours (for Singapore viewers) or 3 1/2 hours (for international viewers) and will give text headlines until 6.00 HK/SIN time while other networks provide programmes for 24 hours a day.

The home page of the official website consists of navigations like video, finance, lifestyle, travel, weather, discussion, and TV shows. Video option includes various news related videos. Videos are divided in different categories Most-Viewed Videos and Latest Videos. Besides this, Video Archives are also given. News related to the finance is given under Finance option. This option is parted into various segments like Singapore Market, Business Moves, Other Markets, Currency, etc. Lifestyle option has four parts, Lifestyle News, Living, Eat & Drink, and Beauty & Fashion while Travel option includes travel related stuffs like tips, pictures of Most Remote Hotels, Most Beautiful Views, etc.

Under weather option, weather forecasting of Singapore as well as other cities is given. One can also see the Next 3-Day Forecast. Different topics are discussed in Discussion option while TV shows option provides TV Guide which is a 7-day TV listings guide of programmes offered on Channel NewsAsia in Singapore and abroad. On the left side of the homepage, topics like Asia pacific, Singapore, World, Business, Sport, Technology, Entertainment, Health, and Special reports, contain news related to respective topic.

Besides this, it also has Blog, 7 Day News Archive, ‘search’ option, different types of applications, Facebook, twitter, and also. In Blog option, the blog of Presenters, News reader is given whereas 7 Day News Archive contains news as per week days. After News Archive, search option is given where one can enter keywords of new which he/she wants. Different types of applications like iPhone App, BlackBerry App, Android App, Mobile News, RSS, and eNewsletter options are given. All these applications offer Singapore Videos, the latest news, news photo gallery and weather updates. For quick download, just type ‘app’ to 7550 or visit iTunes.

Viewers can also see the live telecast of news at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/live/.



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