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southern-electric.co.uk : Gas & Electricity – Online Bill Payment Website

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Www.southern-electric.co.uk is the official website of Southern Electric plc, an electricity company in the UK. On the London Stock Exchange, it is listed as SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy PLC.). In 1998, Southern Electric merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric plc to form SSE. After that, SSE bought SWALEC and Atlantic Electric and Gas. At present, SSE is the second largest Gas and Electricity supplier of UK with more than 9 million customers. Main purpose of www.southern-electric.co.uk is to provide energy in a reliable and sustainable way to customers. The company has a set of core values which are helpful for it, to achieve its aim.

www.southern-electric.co.uk : Gas & Electricity - Online Bill Payment Website

When people visit www.southern-electric.co.uk, they will get services in two options such as “your Home” and “Business”. People can see navigations such as “Gas and Electricity”, “Phone and broadband”, Heating and wiring”, “Being Green”, “Help and advice”, “About us”, and “Your account”. In “Gas and Electricity” navigation, view gas and electricity products, their prices, billing and payments, etc. In “Phone and Broadband” navigation, get phone packages, broadband deals, phone related useful information, etc. In “Heating and Wiring” navigation, users will get information about electrical installations, electrical wiring protection, gas boiler and controls protection, etc.

In “Being Green” navigation, users will get tips and advice, survey, insulation, eco products, micro-renewable energy, etc. In “Help and advice” navigation, get information about billing and payment, meter, iPlan, safety and emergencies, moving home, extra help, customer charter, regulatory and guidance information, complaints procedure, etc. In “About us” navigation, get information about the company such as its credentials, its sponsorships, and more. In “your account” navigation, users can know about login, register, eServices, pay online bills, paperless billing, etc.

Ways to pay bill at www.southern-electric.co.uk:

Southern Electric plc offers a wide range of payment options that suits every person and household. Payment options are as follows:

  • Monthly Direct Debit: Direct Debit is a great way to save money and to stay in control of your bills.
  • Variable Direct Debit: Variable Direct Debit allows you to save money by paying your bills directly from your bank account every quarter rather than every month.
  • Pay online: Paying your bills online is quick and simple.
  • Pay by text: It’s quick, easy and secure due to its not easy to find time for bill payment.
  • Standing order: Paying by Standing Order means a set amount will be transferred from your bank account to Southern Electric every month.
  • Paygo swipe card: Paygo swipe card is a flexible payment option that you can use to pay your bill at any PayPoint or Post Office.
  • Monthly swipe card: If you want to make a monthly payment but prefer not to pay by Direct Debit, then monthly swipe card is the most suitable option for you.
  • Quarterly on demand: If you are not sure which payment plan is right for you, then do not worry, you will still receive a bill from it every three months and they do best to save your money.
  • With your credit or debit card: Just call them on 0845 071 3953* to pay your bill by credit or debit card.
  • By post: Please fill in the payment slip enclosed with your bill and send it to Southern Electric plc with your cheque or postal order.
  • Pay as you go: If receiving a quarterly bill or statement is not suitable for you, then you could use a pay as you go meter.

Benefits of a new boiler or central heating system:

  • Replacing an old inefficient boiler with a modern high efficiency boiler will cut your fuel bills
  • On demand hot water (combination boilers)
  • Possible space saving benefits within the home
  • New boilers are quieter in their operation due to the design and modern materials used
  • More options of where in your property a new boiler can be installed
  • A warmer more comfortable home
  • With new systems, there is a larger choice of radiator styles available to suit all types of property
  • Due to the design of many modern radiators, you can install a smaller radiator in an existing position and get the same or sometimes more heat output from the new radiator

Register at www.southern-electric.co.uk:

People can make payment online at any time just by registering for eServices, its online account area. It’s simple, quick and easy to sign up. For paying bill or viewing bills, users need to register. Registration for eServices only takes a couple of minutes and once it’s done, managing your accounts online will be easy and straightforward. For registration, users have to click on “register” option and get register for eService page. Registration process is of three steps such as “your details”, “Account details”, and “Further details”. In these steps, users have to fill their personal details such as name, telephone number, email address, account details like account number and other details, etc.

Existing users can go for login by clicking on “login” option. Enter email address and password, then click on “login” option. After logging in, they can view their bills and go for online bill payment. They need few details including their 10-digit customer account number, which can be found on your bill. For any query, they can call at 0845 078 6771.

Source: http://www.southern-electric.co.uk/

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