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Vox.io: Do Video calling at any place of the World

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is rising at an exponential rate and has reached new heights so far. There are several voice over IP clients available nowadays, and Vox.io is one of them but it has a few subtle differences that sets it apart. In place of being an installed application, vox.io runs fully in your browser, on any Flash-enabled device. Vox.io’s innovate new platform enables individuals to do voice or video calling at any place of the world, and the quality is absolutely on par with a standard phone call. No more downloading of software or SIP settings is necessary. You can make a direct call from your web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari and your caller ID that is affixed to the account is revealed on the receiving end.

Vox.io: Do Video calling at any place of the World

The procedure of making a web-based call is easy at Vox.io. Their interface is well tuned to not lead users off track. To get started with Vox.io, you require a computer, a microphone, and a browser with Adobe Flash player. If you desire to make video calls, you will need a camera too. After signing up, you will have to provide your phone number (actual one). Every time you make a voice call to somebody, your actual mobile number will be shown so you don’t have to present people diverse numbers for your “real” phone versus your VoIP client of choice. It’s a wonderful thing for many of us while it may be not good for few people. For instance, how often do you answer numbers that you don’t identify?

Currently, contacts come from Google and Facebook and also you can add them manually. The service even pulls pics for your contacts. Though it seems that you can just sync single Google account, which is a bit unpleasant. Don’t be upset, there are chances that service will be working for it, moving ahead. Web calls among vox.io users are free, but if you wish to call other phone numbers, then it will take charges. Let’s see an example; it costs about €.02 /minute to call through Skype while the same call costs €.12/minute on vox.io. You can receive calls originated from another vox.io user. At present, inbound calls from landline or mobile numbers are on the way. The service is still in a private beta, so be ready to face a few minor hiccups.

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As soon as you register, you will be directed on your dashboard. 5 major symbols are mentioned on the top of the page while you can see your credits on the top-right side. Talking about the first symbol, it is your profile page where you can view last 30 days call details. Check out number of calls, call minutes and call contacts. Then second is for creating Quick Calls i.e. web collect calls. You can generate a link, send it to somebody and they can call you back at their expediency, without any need to download or install anything. When answered in vox.io Quick Calls are free, however when answered as a usual incoming phone call they are charged to the recipient. Also Quick Calls expire after the first successful call.

Third option is for creating or joining a group call. Next option helps you to do settings in your account including password, privacy, social links, etc. Last one is for inviting your friends to Vox.io. You can talk with your friends for free with vox.io when you are both online whereas even talk when one of you is offline by taking just little cost. Get 0.15€ of bonus credit as soon as your each friend joins and also your friend receive a starting credit of 0.25€.

Positive points:

  • Make voice and video calls straight from your browser.
  • No downloads, installations or firewall configurations obligatory.
  • Friends know who is calling as it will place calls with your real number.
  • Invite friends and obtain bonus credit of 0.15€ for each one.
  • Inbound calls from mobile numbers or landline will be accessible soon.
  • Also mobile vox.io apps for iPhone and/or Android will come soon.

Negative points:

  • Not a wholly free service – calls to phones are charged.

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