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StoriesVille.com – Connect and share stories with your group

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Storiesville provides a social platform, called Storyboard, through which you and your group can communicate and stay connected with each other by sharing stories, photos, videos, and more.

Many people like to write stories and wish to share with others. The purpose of writing story differs from person to person as thinking of all people is not same. Some like to just express their feelings in the story, some write to get response and feedback of others, etc. Whether you want to write and share an education story, personal experience of your life in a story, or else, catch hold of this web medium – Storiesville.com. It seems to be an exclusive online bulletin board or newspaper for your group to communicate and stay connected.

StoriesVille.com -  create a storyboard

Storyboard is a social platform to bring a group together and share stories within your community. When you first time visit Storiesville.com, you will like the neat and clear appearance of the site. You will be attracted with the pleasing colors used. Sample storyboards help you get idea about making your own storyboard. All the sections are clearly given on the homepage itself, making your search no more difficult.

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How it works?

Registration is needed to get started the use of the site for making storyboard. Once you have registered and logged in successfully, you can easily create a storyboard for your group by entering storyboard name, and setting up privacy and clicking on ‘Create’ button. Then, you can start putting stories, images, videos and links on your storyboard. Suppose you want to post a story – give title, enter description, give tags and background color if you want, then hit ‘Post’. Now you are ready to begin sharing stories in your group.

StoriesVille - Organize stories on your Storyboards

Options available – you can decide who can read or write on your storyboard. According to your wish, you can set the storyboard’s privacy level.

Good points:

  • Sharing story is made simple and personal
  • User-friendly interface
  • Service available wholly free
  • No lengthy process
  • Process is damn easy and simple to follow
  • Examples of storyboards are provided
  • Change your storyboard’s look
  • Invite subscribers to your storyboard
  • Share stories, photos, videos, etc.

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