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Qmee.com: Search in Earn Money for you as well as Donation

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Qmee.com is an awesome service that enables users to earn some hard cash rewards simply for searching in Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay and Bing!

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time doing random searches on internet. Have you ever wished to get paid for doing these searches? Well then, here’s a superb service called Qmee that exactly does the same thing – rewards you for searching online! Of course, there are many “get paid to search” sites out there but what makes Qmee different (and better) is that its users are not required to search on a particular search engine. Instead, they can get paid by searching normally on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon or Ebay! Moreover, they’re provided with options to either cash out their earnings into a Paypal account or donate the money to charities.

Login to qmee.com and earn money online like business

Generally when you search for any product or service on internet, hundreds of businesses will be keen to get your attention. But it’s true that ordinary web search is purely a one-way relationship – you take out the time in to search, click on an advert or listing and pay out for what it’s selling. The businesses that use Qmee listings don’t believe in such one-way relationship. They are happy to give something back to you for looking at their web pages. Thus we can say that it’s a win-win relationship for both the user as well as the businesses. While the users are getting paid simply for searching the web, the advertisers can learn about how effective their ads are.

How to earn money with Qmee?

It’s really quite easy to earn money from Qmee while doing every day web searches. To start with, sign up with Qmee and then follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the add-on to your browsers. Once the installation is complete, you’ll notice a small green ‘Q’ in the bar along the top of your web browser. You can click on this icon at anytime to know how much money you have in your piggybank.

Now simply start searching on your favorite browser as you normally would. On top of the regular search results, Qmee will display some extra results or adverts on the left hand side of your browser. Each of these ads will accompany a monetary figure – that’s the amount you’ll get paid for clicking on the ad. By clicking on a Qmee result, you’ll be redirected to the result page as usual and the rewarded amount will automatically get deposited into your Qmee Piggybank. The amount of money you can earn varies from ad to ad. Some searches will give you returns in dollars for a single click while most of the searches will pay you in cents & pennies. Thus, Qmee will not make you rich, but it’s indeed a hassle-free way to gradually earn some bucks by doing something that you already do regularly!

The best part of Qmee is that it shows only relevant results. So you don’t have to worry about getting spammed in the process. You can even choose to ignore the results if you don’t find them interesting or useful.

Qmee rewards only genuine searches. That means you cannot cheat its system by repeatedly searching for the same phrase or clicking on the same links. The only way to earn more is by referring your friends to Qmee. Whenever your referral cashes out his/her first payment, you’ll get $1 deposited to your Qmee account.

You can login to your account on the Qmee website at anytime to check your balance. It’s up to you to decide when you want to empty your piggybank. Just click on ‘Cash Please’ button to cash out your earnings via Paypal. And if you’ve a big heart and want to help needy then click on ‘Help a Charity’ button. A list of charities will be displayed, choose the one you want to donate to and Qmee will see to it that each and every penny is donated efficiently to them.


  • Earn cash rewards for searching on your favorite websites
  • Works with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay and Bing
  • Supported by Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Explorer on Windows Mac OSX or Linux operating systems
  • No limit to how much cash a person can earn through Qmee
  • Provide two payment options – cash out earnings via Pay Pal or donate earnings to charities
  • No limit requirement for cashing out
  • Does not take commissions on charity donations
  • 100% free and absolutely safe


  • Currently available in the United States and United Kingdom only
  • Does not work on tablets and smartphones
  • Paypal is the only payment method that Qmee uses

Qmee – Rewarding Search video from youtube:

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