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PauseForLater.com – Pause Youtube Videos and Watch Them Later

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It happens to all of us, when we have to leave our some important work in middle due to several reasons and this situation breaks the link of our work. It also occurs while watching video on YouTube, when something significant comes and we have to off video. But when we come again on the web for watching video, we forget about which video we were watching or how much of the video we have watched previously, in order that we have to browse list of video another time to search video. If you have passed from this situation, then perhaps, you have thought about technology, by which you can pause video to watch them later. PauseForLater.com is perfect solution to pick up video exactly where you left off. With this cool web-based tool, you can watch full length movie as well view pause video at convenient.

PauseForLater.com - Pause Youtube Videos and Watch Them Later

If you don’t have sufficient time for watching your favorite video, then temporary stop (pause) your videos for enjoying them later by using PauseForLater.com. It is chrome extension enables users to pause videos and save them for seeing afterward, when you have enough time at hand. Using this innovative site, you will never lose your favorite video as well watch them exact from where you stopped it. Both chrome and Firefox users can use this extension, while other user can use it by bookmarklet. It is really amazing chrome extension utilized for saving your spot. All leading video sharing websites including YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu are supported by Pause for Later.

Installation must be necessary for using PauseForLater.com, but before installation, you have to register for a free account just by providing username, password, and email address. One time registration gives lifetime benefit of PauseForLater.com. After registration, install extension that is suitable to your browser. If you are working either with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari browser then you should install bookmarklet instead of extension. To install PauseForLater through bookmarklet, you just have to do right click on bookmarklet icon and click on bookmark this link.

Once you have installed the bookmarklet, you can save your favorite video for later viewing. At the time of watching a video, just click on pause section from bookmark bar to save your video. When you click the pause button, your favorite video will be appeared on PauseForLater.com under “my pause” section, which is displayed with three basic categories such as all, new and watched, so you can filter video easily. Action button is included with each video that allows accessing more features like mark as watched, watch now, copy short link, watch from the beginning, delete and more. Basic description like remaining time, paused time and position time, and thumbnail of the video is also displayed with each video.

Are you users of chrome browser? If so, then you don’t need to open bookmark toolbar because pause button will display in chrome’s toolbar as soon as you installed “Pause for Later”. It becomes most useful, when you watch your favorite video and suddenly you need to run off. It is available for almost all web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and more, so everyone can use it without any browser restriction. There is also good news for iPhone and Android users that it is also available as an application, so it can be experienced on mobile device. Now-a-days, it is available in beta version, so no more features are offered yet.


  • Pause video for later viewing
  • Access video at your convenient time
  • Available for all browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, etc
  • Bookmarklet is much better than installing it direct on computer
  • Pause video with a click of mouse
  • You can mark video as watched and watch it from starting
  • It also enables users to delete video
  • No limit for including video
  • Display all, new and watched video with separate section
  • Paused videos are displayed with remaining time, paused time and position time


  • Registration must be required for installation
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