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NudgeMail.com – Best Email Reminder Service

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Send yourself free online email reminders regarding your important dates using Nudgemail.com. It is a reliable source and easy to use that does not require any registration or software to download. The application helps you to check your reminders while at work or traveling so that you never forget your any professional and personal dates and events. It works directly with your email; hence no need to follow up with other web site or annoying sms.

NudgeMail.com - Best Email Reminder Service

Nudgemail has been started from 2010 and founded by Jeremy Toeman and Adam Burg. NudgeMail is a wonderful solution for people who want to be regularly reminded to perform essential daily tasks. A range of advanced settings are provided by this application such as obtain daily status alerts, plan Google Calendar events, or get NudgeMail reminders as SMS notifications on your handset.

How it works?

Make a new reminder email by typing up a note or forward an existing email to NudgeMail that’s already in your inbox or in your ‘sent’ items. Use the subject line to type in a preferred date and time (whether 40 minutes, 20th May, next week, or 5.00 pm) for telling NudgeMail what time to send the reminder back to your email inbox. There is also one alternative, use a specific NudgeMail email address depending on which day you wish the reminder sent. Suppose you desire to be reminded to call your daughter’s school next Saturday. You may send an email to nudge@nudgemail.com with Saturday in the subject line, or send the identical email to saturday@nudgemail.com with anything subject line you crave. In both ways, you will receive your same email back on the day you asked for every time. NudgeMail is always on time and never forgets.


  • No sign up procedure or usernames or password setting needed.
  • No software to download or install and its free service.
  • Speedy system to set Personal and Business reminders.
  • Send free unlimited weekly, hourly, monthly, yearly or every (Weekday) reminders.
  • Don’t concern about International Formats as it auto detects the country’s time zone settings.
  • Works on several devices like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Android device, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Outlook, etc.
  • Obtain Snooze mails, History and Status updates.
  • Turn it off by sending an email to unsubscribe@nudgemail.com.


  • Presently works with only emails that are in English.
  • It does not support email attachments.
  • May charge a small fee to power users in future.

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