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Landable.co – Super Simple Facebook Page & Landing Page Creator

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Want a quick and easy solution to create landing pages to manage your future marketing campaigns better? With Landable.co, you can now create a great professional looking and super simple Facebook page with no code and no design skills required. Landable offers apps and services in order to build raving fans through a simple to use page builder. Within minutes, you are able to make remarkable, device-friendly Facebook, mobile, and web landing pages for any business. Moreover, you can even invite teammates to work with you and provide them access to administer, edit, or only see particular pages. Landable.co helps you build Facebook pages that rock by giving various tools to draw traffic to your pages and keep customers walking through your online door.

Landable.co - Super Simple Facebook Page & Landing Page Creator

Landable.co has been founded by Robert Mazur, who is also the proprietor of MonsterApps LLC and co-founder of the software developer Redeemly. You will be surprised to know that until now there are more than 45,000 Facebook Landing pages run on Landable and the number is still increasing at an unbelievable rate, so it seems that they have already made their mark. There is no shortage of apps to make your advertising or product page catch the eye from the rest and Landable takes one step ahead of great Facebook marketing apps.

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Both web and mobile visitors can make use of Landable’s landing page design tools to generate Facebook page tabs and landing pages. Beginners can generate pages as comfortably as an expert, while media gurus can track tabs and pages for a huge number of clients with single dashboard. Thus, it can be said that Landable works wonders for a web design pro as they can paste in their HTML, also those who want to create and make changes to their tab without any coding skills by using the drag and drop designer.

This service is not available free, however all plans come with 14 days Free Trial period and 30 days money-back guarantee so choose whichever best suits you. Currently, there are 4 plans offered for individual, small business, consultant and agency. Plans are prepared based on how many pages you want to manage. 1 page costs $9 monthly, and it charges $249 monthly up to 200 pages.

At Landable, you will get everything that you require to make landing pages for social media, your email and pay-per-click plus SMS campaigns. Design professional looking landing pages and keep track of all your pages, tabs and clients and make landing pages in only few minutes, using the “Scrapbook-like” drag and drop editor. Google Analytics is provided for stats tracking, and for checking out the number of views and stats for fan vs. non-fan visits, simply add your GA Profile ID to any page.

Fangate/Likegate feature is available for fans to access special content. Landable lets you to make different designs, one which fans will view, and another for non-fans. As soon as a visitor ‘Likes’ your page, the fan-only content will be displayed. No matter from wherever a visitor comes to your web or Facebook landing page either a tablet or mobile device, Landable will check it afterward automatically advances them to an optimized design. Using their app, your designed pages will appear attractive, whether they are being seen on a desktop PC, smartphone or tablet.

Once you’ve created your landing page, you can make a shareable short URL for this page. As well, all those short URLs can be connected to your own Bitly account, consequently you can track clicks. Landable also gives you a QR Code image that you can share for different purposes like your print advertising to drive real world prospects to your online presence, product labels and business cards, etc. You are able to create your own custom Facebook page tab icon and link it to their service in order to use on your pages or choose from various default icons. Otherwise, you can rename your tabs straightforwardly from Landable when publishing your pages. As every landing page needs images, they provide you 25MB of file storage for FREE and paid plans come with more than that.


  • Create your own Facebook Business Fan page within minutes
  • Design professional looking landing pages
  • No coding or design skills needed
  • Invite teammates to work with you
  • Currently, more than 45,000 Facebook pages use Landable
  • Google Analytics available for stats tracking
  • Fangate/Likegate feature for fans to access exclusive content
  • Create a short URL and QR code for any of your landing pages
  • Custom tab icon creating
  • 25MB of image file hosting per page for FREE


  • Free service not available, but get 14 days free trail with all paid plans

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