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Hive.im: A Cloud Service that hasn’t LIMIT

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Catch hold of the free unlimited cloud storage service – Hive, which allows you to upload, share and play what you want, when you want.

Availability of cloud storage services are increasing at a huge rate, with most major tech companies having at least one virtual drive or backup solution that lets you to store your files in the cloud and synchronize across various devices and platforms. You can even see independent players, who are attempting to little bit transform it up, such as Hive. Hive is a free, unlimited cloud storage that lets you to upload files from your own computers, as well as pull in media from BitTorrent swarms and share it with your entire friends list. This new cloud storage service doesn’t challenge directly with Dropbox or Mega, however it will be important for BitTorrent users who like to grab and share content with friends privately at extremely high speeds.

Hive.im: A Cloud Service that hasn't LIMIT

Hive is a “radical new social cloud concept”, from QVIVO, an established unlimited cloud storage service intended at the content sharing or syncing market. Hive gives you the ability to upload unlimited files for free, and also allows you to make a network of friends that can share your files with one click only. You become a part of “Hive,” as in a social circle of friends and family with whom you can share photos, videos and other files of any size.

The two major benefits of Hive’s cloud service that sets it distinct from the competition are as follows – Firstly, it is wholly free service without any subscription monthly payments. You can use it as per your wish and upload files as big as you require without bothering about out of space. Secondly, Hive comes with unlimited storage in order to grip your huge music albums and video libraries.

How it works?

Just head over to the website hive.im, and click on “Get a free account” button, to sign in with your preferred social network or create an account with your email address. Once you successfully sign up, you will be provided a free account with unlimited storage, however some functionality is restricted. If you want to enjoy HD streaming and get rid of ads, then upgrade to a paid Premium plan for $9/month if you have 10 or less friends on Hive. The more number of friends, the cheaper the plan gets. Once you have 10 friends in your Hive, the cost go down to $6/month. If your friends list goes over 100, then you can use all the premium features for free. Best of all, all the premium features are available for free during the beta.

When it comes to storage, you can add up to 50 GB to your Hive every single week, which is far better than Dropbox where your storage is limited to 2GB. At Hive, files uploaded through the website or added using a web link can be up to 20 GB in size. Furthermore, Hive supports all of the popular file formats plus BitTorrent magnet links – simply paste a web link and the app will download the file to your storage. It is offered as a web app on your desktop or mobile application for your iOS or Android device.

Storing and sharing files is really good at Hive, and what’s more attracting is the way you are able to upload content to your accounts. Besides a drag and drop interface to put local content into the cloud, Hive can also pull in media from BitTorrent swarms. Consumer broadband is quite slow when uploading, so letting you to put content to your Hive using BitTorrent technology eases the load of having to upload everything yourself.

When coming to the usability of the website, you will be happy to know that it is very easy. The side bar given on your left displays the number of friends you have, and the storage space you are using. In the dropdown list, you will see files categorized into different folders like photos, videos, documents, and pending transfers. The middle part is clean and simple place for sorting and viewing your files and activity, as well as you can see the list of current uploads and transfers.

Hive seems to be more like a social network online hard drive, although eventually it is the user who decides the description of the platform. It would be really exciting to see the cloud market expand and particularly good when a company throws BitTorrent into the mix – that always makes logic.


  • Free unlimited cloud storage space
  • Upload and share with no limits
  • Supports all major file formats and also BitTorrent magnet links
  • Storage space better than Dropbox
  • Premium features offered for free during the beta
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