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Folders.io – Share and Access files and folders online

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Sharing files has turned out to be a routine for Internet-savvy population. People share files via instant messaging client, e-mail, using cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive or by uploading to social networking accounts. But, now people can share them without disclosing their email address or social networking accounts just by dragging and dropping one or more files into the frame with Folders.io. This file sharing and streaming service allows users to share files and folders immediately with friends and families without the need to wait for a long time for uploading those files. Sharing files becomes much faster and easier at Folders.io compared to conventional file sharing methods.

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Folders.io - Share and Access files and folders online

Folders.io is p2p file stream service that lets users to share files with others in totally different way. Folders.io is totally free service and has a simple user interface. Users don’t have to install any software to use this service. Users are just required to drop files or folders in a frame and they will get a unique URL. Users can share this URL with third parties so that they can access your file. This site lets users to share multiple files and folders with friends and families regardless of the size. The site will also provide a QR code for downloads along with common share options such as download link, email and sharing through Facebook and Twitter. This QR code can be scanned for downloading the files to any device.

Users are not required to create an account to use the website. Without registration, users can upload files up to 500MB but if the users get registered they can upload files up to 2GB and get personalized access links. The registration is totally free and users can also login with their facebook account. Files of non-registered users will be available only for one day while registered users files will be stored permanently. If the users want more file storage they can subscribe for Monthly Silver Pass (30GB) or Monthly Golden Pass (100GB) available at $4.99/month and $15.99/month respectively. Folders.io works best with Google Chrome browser.

To get started with Folders.io, select or drag the files or folders to interface. You can add multiple files and folders. The feature to select entire folders is available only in the Chrome browser. Then, click on “Upload All Files” button to upload all the selected files and folders. In few seconds, you will get a link / URL along with a few social media sharing icons and QR Code besides it. All the files can be accessed through this link. You can share this link with the people to whom you want to exchange your files. You can email this link and share it on Facebook or Twitter. You can select the option to store files in your account at the time of first transfer as well as let others to upload files to the computer.

Recipients can view and download the shared files. They can open the URL in Google Chrome to see the files and download it by clicking on them. Users using Google Chrome browser can stream files even after they close the browser window but users using other browser have to keep their browser window open in order to stream files. The site also lets the users to view the status of how many times the files have been transferred. And you can view the details by clicking the Details link on the page.


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • No compulsory registration
  • No need to install any software
  • Allow users to stream complete folder
  • Let users to share multiple files and folders regardless of size
  • Users are not required to wait for files to be uploaded
  • Provides a QR code along with common share options
  • Files can be previewed before downloading


  • Works best only with Chrome browser
  • To upload files up to 2GB registration is required

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