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Cashnhits.com Review

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Cashnhits is a pioneer on the paid to click market as it gives you several ways to earn money like paid to click, paid to sign up, watch videos, auto surf for cash, etc. So we review Cashnhits.com for scam and legitimate. Let’s check payment proof as well as users’ reviews.

Want to earn cash without leaving your home? Yes, it’s true – it becomes possible to make money online from “Paid To Click” sites. PTC is one of the popular ways to earn money from internet without any investment. Make sure to join the top PTC site to increase your online earning power, as there are many scam sites available on the web. Here is given one of the best PTC sites – Cashnhits.com, which provides different ways for internet users to get paid with cash. On Cashnhits.com, you can get paid by clicking and viewing ads, seeing video ads, reading ads, promoting the website, referring others to the website and receive a percentage of their earnings, or using the auto surf feature.

Cashnhits.com Review payment proof and login guide

On PTC sites like Cashnhits.com, members can earn cash by clicking on and viewing advertisers’ websites, while advertisers can get advantage from unique traffic that is necessary to see their website for a specific amount of time. This is an easiest way for people to make money online and an inexpensive way for business owners to produce traffic. Cashnhits is known to be a very reputable website – they have a forum accessible where members can network, get details, and read the latest news about the website. There are many payments proof, and all the amounts are within a reasonable range taking into consideration the amount of money spent on advertising.

Cashnhits has one of the cheapest advertising on the web. Cashnhits works under the company Core Vizion and intends at delivering quality traffic to all websites, whether its artists page, Facebook Fan page, music site, movie site, affiliate site, or any other site or blog requiring traffic or wish to raise the Alexa Rank and reputation of their site. One can make payments through account balance, Paypal, Payza, different credit/debit cards, etc.

How to earn money on Cashnhits?


First of all, sign up on the Cashnhits.com website by clicking on ‘Register’ button given on top right corner of the homepage. Then, fill up the online entry form with your account details and personal details. Create a strong password for your Account Details with a maximum of 8 alpha-numeric characters, and also mention valid email address for your Personal Details, as Cashnhits admin will send you a validation message to completely activate your account. Follow the instructions given there to submit the form. Check your email which you mentioned during the Cashnhits sign-up procedure, click those link given by the CashnHits and you have successfully activated and verified your Cashnhits Account.

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Login to Cashnhits with your valid username and password, then you will be directed to your Cashnhits Dashboard on which you can manage your Cashnhits Account, know your referral stats, offer stats, advertiser panel, earning area, manage and view your blogs. Just above the Cashnhits Dashboard, you have to mouse over to “Earn Money” and then press “PTC Ads” option.

There are various methods offered to make money online on Cashnhits, let’s see them in detail.

Click advertisements – This is the basic method of earnings on any Paid to Click site. You can earn up to $0.01 by clicking on one advertising link at this site. To get your credit, you need to wait for few seconds after each click.

Auto surf on the web – You can earn cash without doing anything by autosurfing. Generally, you have to only launch the autosurf window and allow it run. Let the PC do the work, and you will get paid up to $0.1 every day.

See video clips – You have to only see some videos for which you will get $0.01 per video viewed. It is suggested to use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to see these clips as it may not work properly in Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Like webpages on Facebook – You must have a facebook account with at least 20 friends and must be logged in to View Ads. If you don’t have a facebook account, then visit facebook.com and register one for free. You will earn $0.005 – $0.05 per Like, based on whether it’s a Web page or a Facebook Fan page.

Paid to sign up – They have 300+ paid offers to complete on their site. If you sign up for these offers, you could earn up to $10 for each offer. There is really no limit in Cashnhits on how much you can earn daily.

Get paid to promote – You have to just post Cashnhits affiliate link to your website/blog and when any person visits Cashnhits through your referral link, you get paid immediately. So, you can also earn while sleeping. You could earn up to $2 for 1000 views to your PTP link.

Click Exchange – Here, you will not earn money, but you can get credits. For every 5 websites you access, you will get 4 credits which are equal to 4 visitors to your site. Besides getting Exchange Credits, you can even win many Cash Prizes, PTC Credits, Points, etc.

Get paid to read emails – Occasionally, they will send paid emails to your email address. You could earn up to $0.01 per email by reading these emails.

Note that before you can earn cash on Cashnhits, you have to first sign up. Best of all, their standard membership is offered for free.


  • View ads and earn cash
  • Several ways to earn
  • Numerous ads to view
  • Only $0.60 minimum payout
  • A fast earning site based on how you use it
  • Auto surf and paid to promote are good features
  • Unlimited referral system
  • It works best with Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Payments via Paypal, Payza, etc.


  • Payout delays of 1-2 weeks

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