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Canva.com: Collaborative and simple Web-based graphic design tool

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No need to buy design software like Adobe to design birthday and business cards, Facebook banners, info graphics, posters, etc. as Sydney-based Canva has recently announced the launch of an online graphic design platform that gives the ability to make professional designs without any cost, even for the least technical person. It is collaborative and simple web-based graphic design tool that works with drag-and-drop functionality, and you can access to a stock image library made up of 1 million items such as photographs, graphics, fonts, and more. It seems that whatever Apple did for cell phones, Canva can do for graphic design. This platform makes it extremely easy for anyone to design attractive web pages and generate flyers and party invitations.

Canva.com - Collaborative and simple Web-based graphic design tool

Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams are founders of Canva with 12 staff currently on board. Canva has raised $3 million in seed funding earlier this March from different investors including Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman, Facebook Director of Engineering Lars Rasmussen, and other investors – and finally opened its doors. Currently, the team is focusing its marketing efforts in US and Australia, and users can join the waiting list to get exclusive early access. If you want a design platform for your pitching deck, then try Canva at least once.

Similar to Google Docs (now Google Drive) was a “good enough” substitute for Microsoft Office with a simpler interface and less crushing feature set, Canva is aspiring to be the tool that’s “good enough” for most daily design-related tasks as well. If you are interested in the service, just head over to Canva.com and reserve a place – and personal URL. Canva is available for free to use, however the company will make money from stock images, which are priced at $1 each. Users only have to pay if they publish a design by means of stock images; it means that they can experiment with images for free.

As mentioned above, everyone can design for free with Canva, and its library is sourced from some of the world’s brilliant photographers, illustrators and designers. The major premise of Canvas is that it offers all the basic elements you can request in designing composite graphics, plus a font library, pre-sliced pictures, and different templates that make the design procedure very easy to use. Existing methods necessitate users to do various things on a multitude of platforms, which is tiresome and complex, while this site’s integrated design method puts everything at a user’s fingertips together with professional stock images, fonts, design layouts and other tools and uses a simple drag and drop procedure.

You can upload your own content or pick up from the stock library – each item generally costs $1 or $2 – and they do so only when the time comes to publish, print, or share their graphic. Moreover, Canva allows you to share links with colleagues and friends and edit designs from the site directly, removing the need for annoying email chains and the complexities of tracking new editions of designs. The final design wholly belongs to you, and you’re free to make use of it for personal or commercial use.

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  • Create professional quality designs online that also ‘Free’
  • A simple-to-use online design platform
  • No expensive software to install
  • Works with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Design with 1 million images, graphics and fonts, or upload your own
  • Work can be edited and shared with others for two-way online collaboration


  • You can select from their library of 1+ million premium images by paying $1 each

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