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BeeLineReader.com – Read web pages faster on mobile or computer screens

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Sometimes it happens that when you are reading a long text in the browser, you skip a line accidentally or repeat a line. For such a case, Bookmarklet can help you making it easy to read. That’s where BeeLine Reader comes in. It is a new bookmarklet that will help you read web pages faster with a shade of color in the text and more efficiently on your cell phone or computer screens. Just head over to BeeLineReader.com and see how much quickly you can read with BeeLine. The service is available wholly free to use also process is dead simple to follow. You can add Beeline reader to your bookmarks bar, also you can use it across various devices.

Reading web page on mobile

BeeLine Reader can be installed on any browser, plus mobile browsers and they have a unique OpenDyslexic version that intends to enhance web page readability for readers with dyslexia. BeeLine reader adds a color gradient in the text of web pages. As the text is displayed with a color gradient, it helps guide the reader’s eyes from the ending of one line to the starting of the next. This in turn; not only improves reading speed by 20-30%, but also makes reading easier.

Visit BeeLineReader.com and hit the ‘Install now’ button in order to install the bookmarklet. While you are on a web page, simply press the BeeLine Reader bookmarklet and it will reformat the content of that page and applies a delicate horizontal color gradient to all the letters of a line of text. What’s unique on the website is that it gives BeeLine Reading challenge. This section will provide you a chance to try out their reading software and notice how much of a variation it makes to your reading speed. You have to first choose a topic, and then select color schemes – Bright, Dark, Blues and Gray. See the sample text and start reading.

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How to install this bookmarklet?

For iOS device:

First of all, create a bookmark, and then you have to edit it to use the bookmarklet code. Select a bookmarklet color and then tick mark OpenDyslexic font if you want. Copy the bookmarklet code and create the bookmark by tapping the arrow button, bookmark button and Save. You are also able to edit the bookmark. To get started the use of bookmarklet, open your bookmarks on a text heavy page and hit “BeeLine It!”

For Firefox, IE, Safari, or another desktop browser:

Your first step is to drag the button for the color scheme of your preference to your Bookmarks Bar. To use, simply press it! This bookmarklet works well on text-heavy pages like news articles or Wikipedia pages.

Note that few browsers hide the bookmark bar by default, so if you want to see the bookmark bar, follow instructions given below:

  • Chrome: see the right side of the browser toolbar and press the wrench icon, choose “Bookmarks”, afterward choose “Always show bookmarks bar.”
  • Firefox: press the “View” menu and choose “Toolbars” after that choose “Bookmarks Toolbar.”
  • Internet Explorer: press the “Tools” button, choose “Toolbars”, after that hit “Favorites Bar.”
  • Safari: press the “View” menu and choose “Show Bookmarks Bar.”

Good points:

  • Helps you read web pages faster and more accurately on mobile, tablet or PC
  • User-friendly service available free to use
  • No lengthy procedure to follow
  • Adds color gradient in the text of web pages
  • Different color schemes offered
  • Reduces the risk of skipping or repeating lines
  • Also has an option to use OpenDyslexic

Take a look at BeeLine Reader video from Youtube:

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