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Appear.in – Video Conference Call without Account

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No account, no sign up, just talk with up to eight people through video conference call…It’s not a joke, at Appear.in, you can create video conference call, host online tutoring sessions, or host online meetings with colleagues without registering for any kind of account.

A picture is worth a thousand words and crystal clear video conferencing from the best service provider is a perfect example of how true that statement is. In many conditions, live video conference call is much more effective than phone calls and gives numerous benefits – reduce travel costs, save time, increase productivity among your customers and teams, improve communication & reinforce relationships. Today, effective communication becomes important and necessary for all size of companies and industries that’s why they are quickly adopting video conferencing as a way to stay connected with every member, increase productivity and cut costs in these difficult economic times. However, most of the video conferencing service requires you to register for an account first and then pay hefty monthly fees. But no longer…as now you don’t need login…installs…flash…or any plug-in…for video conference calling. Now, you can enjoy one-click video conversation without registration on your computer or mobile device through Appear.in, which allows you to create a video chat room, send link to friends and start talking without registering for any kind of account. Here, you can make a video conference call with up to eight people at the same time for free.

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In this internet era, everyone wants to do video chat with friends, share files, instant messaging and web surfing together. That’s why, they always look for newer and better tools for working together collaboratively on the web in real time. Appear.in is a slick, visually beautiful, and snappy place to do video chat on the basis of latest free web technology named Web Real-Time Communications, or WebRTC. With this new technology, you can connect directly and anonymously with collaborators, browser to browser, desktop or mobile, without need of any services like Skype or Google Hangouts. Due to the WebRTC technology, users can add video chat on any site, share files and call people without getting big corporations involved. This new technology uses both simple JavaScript APIs and HTML 5 to stream content in real-time. It lets users to share their webcam, microphone and screen with maximum 8 people. Inviting people to your hangout is simply a matter of sharing a video chat link. As well, it does not require any installation as it works on all browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

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How it works?

It has never been easier for anyone to begin conversation with their friends, family or colleagues over video. The way how appear.in works is quite simple. Here, you can create an appear.in room and send a link to the room through e-mail, chat, SMS, etc. to those with whom you would like to talk. When they open this link, they will appear together.

It’s a purely web-based, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer as well don’t need registration or login. In order to start a video conversation, you just need to create a room on your desktop computer. For it, you have to navigate the site on your browser. After visiting the site, just give name to your chat room in the input field on the website’s homepage and hit ‘Create’ button. You are able to give your chat room any name of your choice.

After that, it will ask for permission for using your microphone and camera to get started. If you’re happy with this, then simply click on ‘Allow popup’ button on your web browser and proceed forward. As soon as you permit it, you will be all set and done.

You’ll then appear on the screen that means it will work and get unique link with your chatroom in it! For example, it your chat room is webswiki, then URL will look like something – www.appear.in/webswiki. Now it’s time to invite your friends, family members or coworkers to join your conversation. You can invite friends to join the conversation just by clicking on this unique link. When they will connect with your chat room and allow access to their camera and microphone, they will also appear on the video conferencing page.

One of the best points about the site is that you can claim the room for yourself by assigning code. So you can prevent anyone else from getting dibs on your meeting home. When the room is locked, no new participants can enter unless they’re allowed to get involved by one of the existing participants. As mentioned earlier, you can share your room with up to eight people as well as view all the video feeds from every participant. You can not only do video conferencing with them, but also send text messages if you want. Any video window can also be switched to full screen on the fly.

There are several advantages of having your own room. Firstly, owners of the room get a sweet little crown beside your video feed, showing all other participants in the chat who’s in charge. Here, users can claim permanently just by providing their unique URL and e-mail address. By doing this, users can enjoy more features like change the background of room as per their choice, set room keys and distribute to specific people, and a few added advantages. Today, it is available for both web and iOS.

Overall, appear.in is a great and user-friendly place to do video conference call. It does not require any type of formalities like installation, registration, logging in, etc. It is also very secure and good in video and audio quality. As a matter of fact, it is good alternative to Google Hangouts and Skype. So, go ahead and check it out at least one time to enjoy its features.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use, web-based
  • No user registration or login required
  • No need to install any software or app on your computer
  • Provides up to eight participants
  • Gives unique link for chat room
  • Supports screen sharing
  • Uses SSL/SRTP to secure and encrypt your chats and video conversations
  • Lock a room to prevent others from joining in without your permission
  • View or set your own chat room in full screen
  • Works on all types of browsers


  • Can’t drag, resize or move the chat box

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