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Revivepremium.com – Encore Revive Premium Vacuum Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

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Www.Revivepremium.com is the official website of Encore Vacuum Therapy, which is a place, where users can find some special device with a vacuum facility to revive their mental trauma caused by their physical defect. This device is called Encore Revive Premium Vacuum, which gives fresh vacuum therapy to solve some special defects existing in body, especially for men. Encore Revive Premium Vacuum Therapy would be certainly efficient in curing the impotence of different degree due to it is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment.

www.Revivepremium.com - Encore Revive Premium Vacuum Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or ED (Erectile Dsyfunction) disease decreases the level of encouragement and self confidence, so who are suffering from this disease would hardly get success in any aspect of their routine life, no matter for marriage, business, or their lifelong career. Numerous physical conditions such as radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy for prostate cancer, high blood pressure, some prescription medications and diabetes can cause impotence. Even poor diet, years of smoking or medications can also cause impotence. For getting treatment of this disease, visit www.Revivepremium.com.

When users visit www.Revivepremium.com, at homepage, they will see navigation of the website like the impotence, encore difference, revive premium, Medicare, Online purchasing, etc. Users can know more basic facts about the impotence in the related section and they can also find the most efficient way to get rid of it.

Vacuum therapy is the most familiarly prescribed treatment for impotence. There are 4 treatment options such as: 1) prescription drugs such as Viara®, Ciais® & Levitra® 2) Vacuum Therapy 3) Injections and 4) Penile Implant. Vacuum therapy is the best way, due to Pescription Drugs are costly and often times do not work, also they are linked with negative side effects. Injections are expensive and painful and Penile Implant Surgery is invasive and associated with side effects.

Encore Vacuum Therapy is the most successful treatment (better than 95 percent) due to there are no side effects associated with Vacuum Therapy and it is completely non-invasive. It’s safe, effective and easy to use. Encore’s Revive Premium System is the most advanced & effective system on the market. Additionally, Encore is the only system that includes both a battery & a manual pump.

Vacuum Therapy is covered by Medicare and most Private Insurance Providers without the use of pills and injections. The New Revive Premium System is the most advanced system on the market. This device will create an immediate, strong erection for men regardless of the underlying cause of the problem. Vacuum Therapy creates an erection by placing the penis in a cylinder which draws blood into the erectile tissues replicating the natural process. The erection can be maintained by a specially designed ring placed by the patient around the base of the penis.

Medicare & Private Insurance Instructions:

First, simply download and complete the Medicare Application. Please be sure to sign where indicated and to include your Medicare number, date of birth and Secondary Insurance Information. Next, request a prescription from your doctor. If it is difficult or inconvenient for you to see your doctor, then please include your doctor’s name, address and phone number on the Medicare Application and it will contact them for you. Once your physician has completed the brochure or written a prescription and you have completely filled out the necessary information on the brochure, mail the brochure and prescription back to Encore.

If you have Private Insurance, then please complete the Secondary/Private Insurance section on the Medicare Application. Mail the completed form and prescription back to Encore. For more information about Encore Revive Premium Vacuum Therapy, visit www.Revivepremium.com.

Video of Encore Revive Premium Instructional Video – Vacuum Therapyfrom youtube:

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