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Netdoctor.co.uk – Website About Health, Medicines and Test Your self

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Check out the website at Netdoctor.co.uk for medical information and to know about health, medicines and also test your self. The official website of netdoctor is Netdoctor.co.uk; on this website, get information on medical conditions, medicines, test your self and more with a large database. Here you are able to get the help of groups and expert which is easy to navigate.

Netdoctor.co.uk - Website About Health, Medicines and Test Your self

Netdoctor wants to break down the “medical language barrier” between the doctor and the patient. In a clear and understandable language, critical medical information must be presented so that the patient fully understands his or her choices and decisions. It is the patient ultimately who must make the critical health choices.

NetDoctor.co.uk is committed to help both parties in their quest. It is a cooperation between committed doctors, health care professionals, information specialists and patients who believe that medical practice should be based on quality-assessed information as well as wherever possible on the basis of the principles of evidence-based medicine.

Leading doctors and health professionals of over 250 of the UK and Europe write, edit and update the contents of NetDoctor.co.uk. Besides this, for creating written content for the patient these same health professionals respond to users’ questions and concerns regarding general health.

Its single most important asset is editorial independence and reliance on professional advice. Writers and editors are not allowed to be influenced or answerable to its sponsors or advertisers as a matter of policy of their doctors. It follows the same standards of practice as the leading medical journals.

Activities are funded by NetDoctor.co.uk through advertising, sponsorship and content syndication with a range of selected commercial organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, information service providers and other electronic and print media publishers. Any editorial control over NetDoctor’s content are not included in funding source providers. NetDoctor’s content is developed independently and guided only by accepted medical opinion. Entire material is commissioned directly from UK health professionals that published on the NetDoctor web site.

NetDoctor.co.uk Limited became part of the Hearst Digital Network in March 2006 which is digital publishing division of The National Magazine Company Limited (NatMag). NatMag owns NetDoctor.

NetDoctor.co.uk website:

The main navigation of the website includes,

Home: It is the homepage of the website.

Health and wellbeing centres: In this option, you will find about any topic where you click like Facts, Discussion, Support groups, News, Video, First aid: crepe bandages, etc.

Health A-Zs: In this option, you will get the information of Diseases and conditions A – Z, Examinations and tests A – Z, Medicines A – Z, Support groups A – Z, Surgical and cosmetic procedures A – Z and Videos A – Z.

Health services: Health services include Ask the doctor, Competitions and offers, Discussion forums, Get a quote for private treatment, Health services guide, News, News – behind the headlines and Newsletters.

Login: If you are a member of this site, then the login option is given for signing in.

Become A Member: To become a member, enter your full information after clicking on become a member.

In the middle of the page, you will see other navigation that includes,

Conditions A-Z: Search all you need to know about the prevention, treatment and management of more than 500 diseases and conditions.

Medicines A-Z: If you are looking for information on a particular treatment, then over 3000 products are listed in this database with both prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Examinations: If your doctor has recommended specialist tests, then in this section you will get information about common medical examinations and procedures performed by doctors in the UK.

Support groups: If you want any support and advice then the database of more than 250 support groups throughout the UK is given in this section.

The down side of website includes Breaking news, Expert advice, Behind the headlines, Community: latest posts, Competitions and offers and ‘what’s new’ options.

Source: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk

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