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Kdheks.gov: Kansas Department of Health and Environment

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The official site of Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is www.Kdheks.gov, where department of Kansas put all information about its services. Kansas Department of Health and Environment is established for protecting the health and environment of all Kansans by promoting responsible choices.

www.Kdheks.gov: Kansas Department of Health and Environment

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment was created in 1974. The department consists of the secretary office with all supporting services, a Division of Health with seven bureaus, and a Division of Environment with five bureaus and one office.  Kansas Department of Health and Environment has two support divisions, one is Center for Health and Environmental Statistics and second is the Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratory, which provide information resource management and laboratory assistance to the other two divisions and the general public. The Vital Statistics office is responsible for registering births, deaths, marriages, and divorces and issuing appropriate certificates.

In coordination with the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), KDHE’s health division is reviewing pertinent health and medical information to respond to health concerns increased by residents of Chanute during the public comment period. Based on the conclusion and advices of this review, KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) will provide information to the society and make appropriate advices to make sure protection of public health and the environment.

About www.Kdheks.gov

Visit the www.Kdheks.gov site, where you will get main navigation health, environment, and laboratories on top of the left side. From all navigation you will get full information about its topics. And also get A to Z topic about environment, health and laboratories.

KDHE Health Department

The first division of the KDHE is Health, which promotes and protects health and prevents disease and injury among the people of Kansas. It is accomplished via 3 basic functions like Assessment, Policy Development and Assurance.  The assessment scientifically collects, analyzes and publishes information on many aspects of the health status of Kansas residents.

The Division uses information from its assessments and other sources to develop policies needed to promote and protect health and prevent disease and injury among the people of Kansas. Public health policies include current health and disease’s scientific knowledge. Health’s Assurance part provides services that are required to reach state health goals.  Some services are provided by state employees and others public health services are provided by employees of local health departments or other community-based organizations.

From the health navigation, users will get full information about KDHE health department like its mission, Service Directory, Disaster Recovery Information, Educational Offerings, Licensing, Registration, Credentialing and Regulations, Disease Reporting, County Health Profiles, etc.

KDHE Health Department contact detail

Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips, Director
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 300
Topeka, Kansas 66612-1365
Phone: (785) 296-1086
FAX: (785) 296-1562

KDHE Environment department

The second part of the KDHE is Environment, which gives protection to the public health and environment.  This part conducts regulatory programs about public water supplies, industrial discharges, wastewater treatment systems, solid waste landfills, hazardous waste, air emissions, radioactive materials, asbestos removal, refined petroleum storage tanks, and other sources which impact the environment. It also manages other programs to remediate contamination, lessen non-point pollution, and calculate environmental conditions across the state.

Environment Division works energetically with operators to get obedience with state and federal environmental statutes and regulations. To assist the regulated community, this part holds technical or financial assistance programs like Wastewater Revolving Loan Fund and the Pollution Prevention Program. By growing access to the Division’s programs, strengthening the district offices, and providing information to the regulated community, DOE (Division of Environment) works to reduce pollution.

At environment page, users will get Bureau Listing for different environment fields. You will get also Emergency number, Disaster Recovery Information, Information Resource Links, Division of Environment Quality Management Plan, its mission, etc. Open one by one link and get detailed information about its services.

KDHE Environment contact detail:

John Mitchell, Director
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 400
Topeka, Ks. 66612-1367
Phone: (785) 296-1535
FAX: (785) 296-8464

KDHE Laboratories department

‘Laboratories’ is the third department of the KDHE. It provides timely and correct analytical information for public health benefit across the Kansas and also assures the quality of statewide laboratory services through certification and improvement programs. It is used to analyze and prevent public health diseases from AIDS to childhood lead toxicity.  The Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories (KHEL) also gives information about safety of public drinking water as well as ambient air and water quality.

Kansas Health and Environment Laboratories is studied and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and is qualified under the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment of 1988. Environmental laboratory analyses of water and wastewater analyses started in 1907.

This is one of the most important parts of the KDHE. Every year, over one million chemical and microbiological analyses are produced in this Division. Besides, laboratory certification and improvement programs work for ensuring the quality of several hundred million test results which is produced by more than two thousand regulated medical, environmental, and law enforcement laboratories located throughout the state.

At the laboratory page, you will get detailed information about its services, programs and teams like Blood Lead, Chemistry Laboratory, Customer Service, Diagnostic Microbiology and Environmental Microbiology program, Lab Preparedness & Response Team, Laboratory Improvement Program Office, etc.

KDHE Laboratories contact detail:

Dennis L. Dobson, Interim Director
Forbes Field, Building 740
Topeka, Ks. 66620-0001
Phone: (785) 291-3162
FAX: (785) 296-1641

KDHE gives general information about its notice, mission, open resource, web mail, webmaster, division, mobile web and direction at bottom of the home page. KDHE web mail, webmaster and mobile web are created specially for their users, who get information about KDHE directly on email address and mobile phone. Get every service and programs’ contact detail from ‘Contact KDHE’.

KDHE Contact details:

Mark Parkinson, Governor
Roderick L. Bremby, Secretary
Curtis state office building
1000 SW Jackson Topeka, KS. 66612
Phone: 296-1500
FAX: (785) 368-6368
Email: info@kdheks.gov

Source: www.Kdheks.gov

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